Q1 2020

Design library@2x
New! Design Library

Design Library lets you store email templates and code modules in one centralized location allowing your entire team to create high-performing, on-brand emails that break through the noise and get your message heard.

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Aggregated reporting@2x
Email Client Recommendations in Litmus Checklist

Now all Litmus customers on a paid plan can get insights into the clients and devices that subscribers are actually using directly inside of Checklist, so you can easily add and test those that are most important. Users on all paid Litmus plans will now get notified of newly supported email clients and devices, so you can rest assured you’re always checking your campaigns in the latest environments.

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Proof notifications@2x
Cloud storage integrations and email notifications for Litmus Proof

Now, you can import both your HTML and design files (JPG or PNG) to Litmus Proof directly from popular cloud storage solutions including Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive to gather feedback on emails faster than ever before. Plus, you will automatically receive an instant email notification when a reviewer has approved your Proof.

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Email Analytics tracking code enhancements

We’ve made it easier to add Litmus Email Analytics tracking codes within Litmus Builder and added alerts to notify you if your tracking code is missing so you can get valuable engagement insights to understand engagement and improve future campaigns.

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New functionality in the redesigned Litmus experience

We’ve added the ability to toggle between emails in a new sidebar when you’re in Litmus Builder, Proof, Checklist or Analytics so you can easily work on multiple emails at the same time. Plus, you can transfer Litmus Builder, Checklist, and Proof projects from the legacy platform to the new, redesigned Litmus, giving you full control over all of your email projects. You can also stay organized by emailing a project to a specific folder.

Q1 2020 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q1, we’ve added support for Outlook Desktop Office 365 in both Light and Dark modes.

Q4 2019

Litmus proof support for images@2x
Litmus Proof support for image files

Litmus Proof—now with support for images in addition to HTML—simplifies the email review and approval processes at any point in the email workflow, driving results with faster time to market and improving collaboration with better visibility.

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Email client recommendations in litmus checklist@2x
Email Client Recommendations in Litmus Checklist

Litmus brings insights into the clients and devices your subscribers are actually using directly into Checklist for Litmus Enterprise customers, so you can easily add and test those that are most important.

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Litmus extension support for oracle responsys@2x
Litmus Extension support for Oracle Responsys

Simplify your email workflow and run a Litmus Checklist directly inside of Oracle Responsys with the Litmus Extension.

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Test dynamic content with the litmus extension@2x
Test Dynamic Content with the Litmus Extension

Efficiently test multiple variations of dynamic content in a single click right where you build with Litmus Extension. Dynamic content testing is supported in Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Oracle Responsys.

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Litmus trello power ups integration@2x
Litmus + Trello Power-Ups Integration

Save time and keep stakeholders up-to-date on the status of email projects—without having to hop between tools. Attach a Litmus email to a Trello card—or create a new email in Litmus directly from within a Trello—and an overview of the email, including status and due date, will seamlessly sync from Litmus to Trello.

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Duplicate email projects@2x
Duplicate email projects in the new, redesigned Litmus experience

Save time and automate manual steps with the ability to easily duplicate your existing HTML to create a new email.

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Dedicated folder for litmus extension@2x
Dedicated folder for Litmus Extension in the new, redesigned Litmus experience

Quickly locate email tests run via the Litmus Chrome Extension in a dedicated “Extension” folder.

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Q4 2019 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q4, we’ve added support for the iPad (Gen 7) and Apple Mail 13 in both light and dark modes, the iPad Pro (11 inch), and Outlook 2016 120 DPI.

Q3 2019

Redesigned litmus experience@2x
New, redesigned Litmus experience

The new, redesigned Litmus makes it easier than ever for teams to quickly organize, build, test, review, and analyze emails in one centralized application, streamlining the production process and improving visibility and collaboration.

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Aggregated reporting@2x
Aggregated Reporting in Email Analytics

A new, aggregated view of email data is available within Litmus Email Analytics, making it easier for marketers to identify top-performing campaigns and use insights to improve future emails and inform strategies across their digital marketing mix.

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Q3 2019 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q3, we’ve added iOS13 support for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Dark Mode, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Q2 2019

Accessibility checklist@2x
Accessibility Section of Checklist

Our new “Accessibility” area of Checklist expands your reach and ensures subscribers of all abilities can interpret your messages and connect with your brand. Now you can check HTML elements that enable screen readers to accurately transcribe your message. Plus, exclusively with Litmus, you can listen to a recording and view a transcript of your email read by a screen reader.

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Email analytics tracking code enhancements@2x
Email Analytics Tracking Code Enhancements

We’ve made it easier for anyone, regardless of their coding knowledge, to create Litmus Email Analytics tracking codes that capture subscriber-level insights without retaining personally identifiable information (PII). Easily create tracking codes with tags, expiration dates, email types, and other custom parameters to gather actionable data to evolve your email marketing strategy.

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Cloud storage partners@2x
Cloud Storage Integrations

Save time and eliminate copy and paste errors by importing your HTML code from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive in a single click.

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Q2 2019 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q2, we’ve added AMP Preview Support, as well as support for Outlook 2019 120 DPI and IBM Notes 10.

Q1 2019

Litmus slack notifications@2x
Litmus Slack Notifications Integration

The Litmus + Slack integration allows Litmus teams to receive notifications about certain Litmus activities directly in Slack. These notifications can be configured to appear in specific Slack channels and/or delivered to individual team members as direct messages via the Litmus Slack App.

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Litmus asana integration@2x
Litmus + Asana Integration

The Litmus + Asana integration allows Litmus users to sync their Litmus Checklist with an Asana project, to help streamline the email production and communication process.

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Q1 2019 Email Previews Support & Updates

To help you focus on the previews that matter most, we retired several email clients from our previews tool, including Outlook 2000-2003, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Lotus Notes 7 & 8, and Apple Mail 9 & 10.

Q4 2018

Litmus eloqua integration@2x
Eloqua + Litmus Integration

We’ve made it possible for you to access Litmus Email Previews directly inside Oracle Eloqua. Preview every email across 90+ popular email clients and devices without switching tools.

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Gmail promotions builder@2x
Gmail Promotions Builder

Gmail’s new Promotions tab empowers you to put your deals in the spotlight. Litmus teamed up with Gmail to create an easy-to-use code generator that guides you through creating image previews and deal badges to annotate your email.

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Q4 2018 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q4 of 2018, we optimized support for new or updated email clients and devices including Outlook 2019, Gmail on Android (versions 7 and 8), the Samsung Mail App for Android 7, Windows Mail, and the iPhone XR. We also released accessibility support to preview your emails in Apple’s new Dark Mode.

Q3 2018

Litmus salesforce integration@2x
Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Litmus Integration

Our integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to test more than 15,000 possible renderings and catch potential errors before you hit send without leaving Email Studio.

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ESP Integrations for Spam Testing

Spam testing is an integral step of your email workflow to help you feel confident your message will reach the inbox. Our ESP integrations allow you to run a spam test right without leaving your ESP.

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Support for Processed HTML

When an email travels from your ESP to your subscribers inboxes, it moves through various stages that can trigger changes to your email code. Processed HTML in Litmus shows what each email client actually processed your email markup into, making it easier than ever to pinpoint and diagnose rendering issues.

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Enhancements to Litmus Proof Sharing Capabilities

New sharing enhancements to Litmus Proof make it easier to add a new Reviewer to your account with just an email address (Reviewers are free to add and unlimited on your plan). You can also restrict access to content with login requirements or, choose to provide a public sharing link for easy, no-login viewing.

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Q3 2018 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q3 2018, we added support for Apple mobile and desktop devices with updates to support previews in iOS 12 and on the iPhone XS and XS Max.

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Q2 2018

Litmus proof@2x
Litmus Proof

When you’re building a new email campaign, collecting feedback from key stakeholders can be a challenge. That’s why we created Proof, a centralized tool for collaborating, collecting feedback, and getting approvals on your email campaigns.

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Builder Updates

We’ve bolstered Litmus Builder with new features that make creating and customizing Builder projects even easier. Now you have the ability to email into Builder to start a project, customize your coding preferences, have contextual help when viewing specific email clients, seamlessly integrate with Email Analytics and Checklist, and more!

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With Litmus’ new single sign-on with SAML integration, you can leverage your company’s Okta, OneLogin, or custom identity provider to ensure that your account is protected and only accessible by approved users.

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Q2 2018 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q2 2018, Gmail released a brand new interface complete with new features to help users better manage their inbox. We added preview support for the new Gmail interface to ensure your emails render flawlessly for all Gmail users.

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Q1 2018

Marketo support for esp syncing@2x
Marketo Support for ESP Syncing + the Litmus Extension

It just got easier for Marketo users to build, test, and troubleshoot their emails without switching between tools. With the Litmus Extension, you can build your email in Marketo’s email editor while taking advantage of Litmus’ preview, testing, and troubleshooting tools right where you build. And, with ESP Syncing, you can automatically transfer code from Litmus to Marketo with just the click of a button.

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Q1 2018 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q1 2018, we added Email Previews support and updates for an array of devices and email clients. We performed a complete iOS refresh for our previews across several devices, added support for the iPad Pro 10.5” model, updated Google Inbox for Android, and updated support for the latest version of Android Gmail.

Q4 2017

Q4 2017 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q4 2017, we made several key updates to our Email Previews feature. Apple device and mail client support was enhanced with the added support for Apple Mail 11 and iPhone X. For Android users, we added support for the Outlook and Samsung Mail applications. We also added preview support for Libero, a popular free webmail service for the Italian market.

Q3 2017

Esp syncing@2x
ESP Syncing

We’ve taken the hassle out of getting your code from Litmus to your email service provider. With ESP Syncing, you can automatically sync your code from Builder to your ESP with a click of a button.

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Litmus extension@2x
Litmus Extension

We’ve made it easier than ever to utilize Litmus where you build with our Litmus Extension for Chrome. Our extension allows you to test local HTML emails in popular email clients right where you build them.

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Q3 2017 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q3 2017, we updated support for iOS 11 as well as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. We also added support for the Inbox by Google application for Android users and popular French email client, SFR. We retired support for Terra, as they sunsetted their free email service.

Q2 2017

Litmus microsoft partnership update@2x
Litmus-Microsoft Partnership Update

After announcing our partnership with Microsoft at Litmus Live 2016, we provided a behind-the-scenes look at how the partnership is helping you have improved, accurate renderings across the Outlook mail client.

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Curated Has a New Owner

We transitioned ownership of our popular digital newsletter tool, Curated, to Simple Focus. They have a portfolio of apps that help owners of small businesses, agencies, and consultants with tasks like time tracking, invoicing, cash flow management, and surveys. Now, with Curated, email marketing becomes part of this toolkit, too.

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Samsung Email App in Litmus Email Analytics

At the beginning of May 2017, Samsung devices accounted for over 50% of the Android device market share, making the Samsung the most popular Android device manufacturer in the world. Now you can see just how many of your subscribers use a Samsung device to open email with Litmus’ Email Analytics.

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Q2 2017 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q2 2017, we updated support for Gmail iOS, Inbox by Gmail for iOS, and Orange.fr.

Q1 2017

Q1 2017 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q1 2017, we released several key updates for our Email Previews tool. For Apple device users, we added support for iOS 10 and the iPad Pro (iOS v 10.2) and iPhone 7. We also updated our preview support for the Android Gmail app and updated our support for the Thunderbird client. Support was added for T.Online.de and Terra, popular German and Spanish email clients.

Q4 2016

Subject line checker@2x
Subject Line Checker in Litmus Builder

Making a great first impression is key to boosting your email open rates, leading to increased clicks and conversions. That’s why we reintroduced Subject Line Checker in Litmus Builder, allowing you to preview your from name, subject line, and preview text in real-time over 15 popular email clients.

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Q4 2016 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q4 2016, we added support for Mail.ru and Windows 10 Mail. We updated support for Android 5 & 6, as well as Android Gmail.

Q3 2016

Introducing partials@2x
Introducing Partials

This quarter, we rolled out the most convenient way to create and manage dynamic code blocks. Available in Litmus Builder, you can use it for anything from updating your header and footer, maintaining layout structure and reset styles, or recycling commonly used components.

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Litmus microsoft partnership@2x
Announcing Our Partnership with Microsoft

At Litmus, it’s our goal to empower marketers and make email better. That’s why we have chosen to partner with Microsoft to help them prioritize email rendering bugs in Outlook, identify issues faster, and announce improvements and fixes to the community.

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Q3 2016 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q3 2016, we added support for Apple’s iOS 10 and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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Q2 2016

Code analysis@2x
Code Analysis

Designing emails can be tricky when it comes to identifying the code adjustments needed to fix rendering issues. That’s why we reintroduced Code Analysis, a tool to help you instantly identify and fix issues in your code. Integrated within Litmus Builder, Code Analysis provides you with a detailed code view highlighting any unsupported HTML or CSS properties in a given mail client.

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Litmus Acquires Curated

Whether it’s through introducing new products, writing eBooks, or hosting conferences, our focus here at Litmus has always been to give marketers the tools they need to make email better. Litmus has acquired Curated, a content curation tool that allows users to easily collect, curate, and publish highly engaging newsletters.

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Q1 2016

Css inlining@2x
CSS Inlining

CSS inlining in email is used to style and format the content of your email. Inline styles are applied directly to HTML elements in each line of HTML—and are generally the safest way to ensure rendering compatibility across various email clients. However, inline styles can be time-consuming to write and a bit challenging to manage. That’s why we made CSS Inlining available in Litmus Builder—the only inliner specifically tuned to email development.

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Tracking manager@2x
Tracking Manager

Tracking your emails is key to measuring the success of a campaign. By adding tracking to your links you, you can obtain a full picture of your email campaign success. This has been made easier than ever with Tracking Manager in Litmus Builder.

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Q1 2016 Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q1 2016, we added additional support for two popular German email clients, GMX and Web.de.

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