Live Optimization: Supercharge Your Transactional Emails

Are you looking to improve your transactional emails? Our panel of experts reviews triggered emails from your peers and shares advice, feedback, and suggestions for improvement.

Transactional emails are the cornerstone of a customer’s experience with your company and often generate the majority of email revenue. When customers make an order, forget their password, or add a new user to their account, how do you provide that information and give them a seamless experience—and how can those emails improve retention and engagement?

With this webinar, we’re bringing Live Optimization—one of the most popular sessions at Litmus Live—right to your desk. Join the Litmus team and Becs Rivett-Kemm as we review transactional emails from your peers and provide hands-on A/B testing suggestions, design feedback, and strategic takeaways to help you maximize value, engagement, and response.

Whether you’re looking for feedback on a new template or want to improve an email that hasn’t been performing all that well, Live Optimization will give you the tips and inspiration you need to send transactional emails that drive results.

Meet your Presenters

Becs Rivett-Kemm

Email Consultant, Conversio

Jaina Mistry

Email Marketing Manager, Litmus

Jason Rodriguez

Community & Product Evangelist, Litmus

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