What it Takes to Scale Your Email Program

Learn about the three pillars that make the backbone of a scalable email program: people, processes, and tools.

Scale Your Email Program - Featured Art

Sending great email isn’t easy. But sending great email at scale is a whole different challenge. How do you set up your program to handle more—and more complex—campaigns, all while keeping your brand voice and email quality consistent?

In this webinar, experts from Litmus and Salesforce share the secrets to growing your email program the right way. You’ll learn about the three pillars that make the foundation of a scalable email program:

  1. People: Learn what skills to look for when scaling your team—and how you set up an organizational structure that’s designed for growth
  2. Processes: Understand what processes you need in place to send more (and more complex) campaigns, faster—without compromising quality
  3. Tools: Learn what tools you need to power growth
Your speakers

Veda Kumarjiguda

Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce

Jason Rodriguez

Community & Product Evangelist, Litmus

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