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Future-Proofing Your Email Marketing

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How Design Systems Empower Email Teams Everywhere - Featured Art

Email—and the world around us—is changing fast and teams are struggling to keep up. From new technologies to upended strategies, there’s a lot to take in. This month, Litmus Live is looking at how email teams—from designers and developers to marketing leadership—can blend knowledge about your programs and workflow with what’s impacting your customer base to create relevant and empathetic content in a scalable, adaptable fashion.

You can now watch the back-to-back sessions to see how you can quickly adapt to the changing email marketing landscape.

Email Practitioner Session
Planning for Change With Email Design Systems
11am - 12pm ET

See how fast-moving teams use email design systems to scale production, maintain consistency, and serve their subscribers even when outside factors force quick turnarounds and unexpected updates. This in-depth interview—from one practitioner to another—will give you an inside look at how to structure, build, and document your email design system so that you can move just as quickly as the world around you.

Your Expert Host

Jason Rodriguez

Community & Product Evangelist, Litmus

Your Expert Panelist

Fabio Carneiro

Lead Designer & Manager, Design Systems,

Marketing Leadership Session
Leading Marketing Through Change
12pm - 1pm ET

Things are moving fast, and marketers are feeling the pressure to reallocate spend and shift priorities. Marketing leaders need to quickly adjust this year’s strategy, not to mention rethink how they lead and deploy teams, engage with customers, and manage their brands, marketing activities, spend, resources, and reputation. Learn how CMOs from Bandwidth, Drift, and ServiceMax are recalibrating their marketing strategies and plans to support their businesses through and coming out of a new normal.

Your Expert Host

Melissa Sargeant

Chief Marketing Officer, Litmus

Your Expert Panelists

Noreen Allen

Chief Marketing Officer, Bandwidth

Stacey Epstein

Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, ServiceMax

Tricia Gellman

Chief Marketing Officer, Drift

Katy Jones

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, FoodLogiQ

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Recorded live on May 19th, 2020