Integrations Deep Dive

Looking to get more out of your email marketing tech stack? Litmus integrations fit into any workflow—and we show you how they work.

Integrations Deep Dive - Featured Art

Multiple ESPs, Trello, Slack, Dropbox, Dreamweaver… no matter which tools your team uses, Litmus meets you where you work to improve your campaigns and simplify your workflow. The modern marketing stack is becoming increasingly specialized—and Litmus integrations are designed to save you time, boost team visibility, and improve efficiency.

Curious which tools Litmus integrates with? In this exclusive webinar, we walk through:

  • How our integrations work
  • How integrations help you save time and avoid errors
  • How you can increase team visibility with our productivity integrations

If you work with multiple, disconnected tools, you’ll walk away from this webinar with the knowledge you need to connect your systems so you can save time and get more error-free emails to market, faster.

Meet Your Presenters:

Jess Materna

Product Marketing Manager, Litmus

Scott Epple

Senior Product Manager, Litmus

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