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  • Passed 64%
  • Minor 32%
  • Critical 3%
  • Unavailable 0%

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Litmus has found 1 critical issues and 9 minor issues. Your email needs further review and may require 1 or more changes before you send it. Don't worry–we'll take you through the results, report any issues, and suggest how to fix them.

A critical issue indicates an issue that you should review and fix before sending your email campaign.

A minor issue indicates an issue that you should review, but may not prevent you from mailing your email campaign. Many minor issues are related to inbox placement and scoring rather than a technical issue that you need to correct.

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Authentication Filters

Check for the existence and status of your authentication records and other best practices.

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Blacklist Filters

Check your IP address and Domains against important blacklists.

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Placement Filters

Check the inbox placement of your email test.

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Score Filters

Check your email test against multiple score based filters.

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