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Your email was just scanned across 1,900 machines and devices running real email clients and analyzed for the following elements that affect email performance.
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We tested your email in 19 of 90+ email clients to make sure everything is rendering correctly. Edit your email clients →

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First Impressions

We analyzed your from name, reply-to, subject line, and pre-header text against best practices and spam criteria to increase your email's probability of getting opened.

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We checked any links in your email to make sure they’re working and going to the right page in order to avoid costly mistakes.

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We verified that your clickthroughs are being tracked by Litmus, your email marketing software, and/or Google Analytics.

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Image Blocking

We tested your email with images off and flagged any images that are missing alt text. This will ensure your email looks great no matter where it is opened.

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Loading Speed

We tested your email's load time in order to optimize for subscriber engagement, like clicks.

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Verify all tasks specific to Litmus User account are completed.

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John K. completed on Oct 8, 2018


View full-size email client renders side by side to make sure your email looks great.

First Impressions

Get your subscribers to open your email — ensure you're making a good first impression in the inbox.

Subject Line

Your subject line is clear, concise, and of a sensible length.

From Name

Your from name looks great!


Your reply-to looks great!
Your preview text is composed of multiple different sources. This can happen because of image alt text attributes, or using text earlier in the HTML body. Make sure you place hidden preview text as the first element in the body, and that it's at least 90 characters long.

Check your subject line & preview text in 15+ email clients

See what your subject line and preview text looks like in the most popular email clients including Outlook, Gmail, and iOS. Identify if your subject line and preview text is either too short or too long and if they need any tweaks before sending. Also see if emojis are supported! 😍

Custom Approvals

Tracking Check

Verify that your clickthroughs are being tracked by Litmus, your email marketing software, and/or Google Analytics.

Marketing Analytics

This email doesn't contain any marketing analytics on its links.

Litmus Email Analytics

Your email doesn't have a tracking code in it yet. Find out who read your email and who deleted it. Pinpoint where in the world they opened your email. Were they using a mobile device? Did they print or forward it? Add Email Analytics to your email in less than 60 seconds.

Image Blocking Check

Preview your email with images off — and get notified about which images are missing alt text.

Alt Text Preview

Alt Text
Image Path
Empty wonderblum-wordmark-centered.png
insert alt text gabor-juhasz-68424-unsplash.jpg

Loading Speed Check

See how long it takes to load your email.

Your email took 0.5 seconds to open - great job!

While your open rate may not be affected by email open times, your recipient's level of engagement will be. Add Email Analytics to your email to see how long your recipients read your email. The faster your email opens, the more reads you'll see!

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515 ms Total time to load

Status Image Size Time 167 ms 333 ms 500 ms 667 ms 833 ms
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Make it to the inbox, not the spam folder

Quickly identify issues that could impact your deliverability before you send—and get actionable advice on how to fix them with Spam Testing.

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