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Spam Testing

Your emails won’t get read if they’re not in the inbox

Our comprehensive test checks your authentication, your reputation, and provides scores and feedback for common ISP and corporate filters.

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Server-side and ISP Filters

All major spam filters

Each test includes spam filters from ISPs and webmail providers, as well as corporate filters.

  • Server-side filters
  • Barracuda
  • MessageLabs
  • Postini
  • SpamAssassin
  • ISP Filters
  • AOL Mail
  • Gmail
  • GMX
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo! Mail
Human-Readable Feedback

Improve your scores with actionable advice

Not only do we show you your spam score, we also explain why you got that score. We provide plain-language explanations for more than 1,000 filter codes. This advice helps you adapt your email's content to improve delivery rates.


EXPLANATION Your email has a low ratio of text to image area. Consider adding more text content to your email.


EXPLANATION You’ve used the word “Free” and used exclamation marks (not necessarily in the same sentence) in the body of your email, this is considered spammy by Outlook.


EXPLANATION The font's color is very similar to that of the background. Avoid hiding words in your email like this. Adjust the contrast of the text to make it visible.

Blacklist Test

Reputation check

We check your IP addresses and any domain names used in your email against known blacklists, and report any that could affect your delivery.


Sender verification

Verify that email authentication methods such as DKIM, SenderID, and Sender Policy Framework are set up correctly.

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