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Movable Ink Quizzes and Context: Generating Leads and Turning Them into Customers Everyone loves a good quiz, but they aren't just fun and games - they're great tools for generating leads. But how? And what do you do with these leads once you have them? Our webinar next Thursday (8/20) at 1pm EST with Boombox will show you how. Register today! Become an Instagram Expert: Consumer Device Preference Report, Q2 2015 We've unveiled our Q2 Consumer Device Preference report. Inside, you'll find data on where and when email opens happen, the devices people convert on, and which verticals are most mobile-friendly. See the Data: The Most Important Thing to Optimize in Email Marketing Subject lines. Time of day. Mobile Calls-to-action. Colors, layout, headers, columns. If you’re an email marketer, this is a pretty standard optimization laundry list. There’s always something that can be... Continue Reading: Meet Our Industry Experts at Upcoming Events: Litmus Email Design Conference 2015 Boston, MA | August 26th — 28th Request a Meeting: Pinterest: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Login: | Request a Demo: Copyright © 2015, Movable Ink. All rights reserved. 636 Avenue of the Americas, 5th Floor. New York, NY 10011 You received this email because you have opted-in to the Movable Ink newsletter. Unsubscribe:

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