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Manchester City Exclusive highlights | Match statistics | Manager's reaction Can't see your images? Click here MATCH VIDEOS: MANCHESTER CITY V QPR Share video MIGHTY CITY HIT QPR FOR SIX Watch exclusive highlights as City make it four wins on the bounce after beating QPR by a massive 6-0 at the Etihad Stadium. Share story Share video Manager’s Reaction “It's important to keep a clean sheet- that's why I'm very happy. We're a balanced team who played with a lot of spirit.” Hear why Manuel Pellegrini was very happy with his team's performance and why he believes Sergio Aguero will only get better and better throughout his playing career. Read more Match Statistics CITY QPR Aguero (4, 50, 65) Kolarov (32) Milner (70) Silva (87) 6 - 0 92 Mins 59.5% 40.5% Shots on target 11 3 Shots off target 9 5 Corners 7 4 Fouls 12 7 Offsides 1 5 Red Cards 0 0 Yellow Cards 0 1 16.Kun AGUERO Minutes played:90 Pass Accuracy:76% Goals:3|category_root|16276=football+kits#&&/wEXAQUIUXVlcnlVUkwFhgJmaF9yZWZwYXRoPWZhY2V0XzIxJmZoX3JlZnZpZXc9bGlzdGVyJmZoX3ZpZXdfc2l6ZT0yNCZwYWdlX3RlbXBsYXRlPUJyb3dzZStQYWdlJmZoX3JlZmZhY2V0PW1jZmM2NSZjaGFubmVsPURlc2t0b3AmZmhfbG9jYXRpb249JTJmJTJmbWNmYyUyZmVuX0dCJTJmY2N5X3JlZ2lvbl9hdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlfbWNmYyUzZSU3YmdicF9yZWdpb25fZ2JfbWNmYyU3ZCUyZmNhdGVnb3JpZXMlM2MlN2JtY2ZjX21jZmMxNjI3NiU3ZCUyZm1jZmM2NSUzZSU3YnIxNDE1JTdkxW50zFtqRgugNeDrmZdPDb6zL2UFdPk2LLPuteGniEk=?utm_source=PostMatch&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Potm_buyshirt&utm_campaign=QPR_20150511 To vote for your Player of the Match download the CityMatchday App This email was sent by: Manchester City Football Club Ltd, Etihad Stadium, Etihad Campus, Manchester M11 3FF UK Forward | Preferences | Unsubscribe

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