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========================================== Interactive Email: Opportunities and Challenges ========================================== Hamburger menus, image carousels, and even shopping carts—interactive elements we never thought were possible in email are becoming more common. We break down the opportunities and challenges of interactive email. See the pros and cons → ------------------------ The Ultimate Guide to List-Unsubscribe List-unsubscribe strikes fear into the hearts of many marketers. But it shouldn’t! Discover what list-unsubscribe is, how it works, and why an easy unsubscribe is actually a good thing. Don’t fear the unsubscribe → ------------------------ iPhone X Email Previews Are Here Curious to find out how the iPhone X will affect your email campaigns? Great news—we’ve added Apple’s latest device to Litmus Email Previews. New email clients can introduce unforeseen rendering issues for your emails. See how your own emails render in iPhone X and run a Checklist on your next campaign. ------------------------ Everything You Need to Know About Bulletproof Buttons Marketers have moved away from using image-based call-to-action buttons in their emails due to image blocking and accessibility concerns. The alternative? Bulletproof buttons. Learn what a bulletproof button is and how you can use them in your emails. Build better buttons → ------------------------ Email Pixel Art: The Rarest and Coolest Defensive Design Tactic Including pictures in your emails even when images are blocked is possible with pixel art. Learn how and understand some of the issues you need to consider before using them. Transform your emails → ------------------------ – WEBINAR RECORDING AND Q&A – The Root Cause of Poor Email Deliverability Discover the various ways that marketers try to improve their poor email deliverability and learn which tactics work best. Download the slides or catch up on the webinar recording and let Litmus Research Director Chad White and Product Manager Jay Brangiforte answer your burning deliverability questions. Watch the webinar → ------------------------ Make It to the Inbox, Not the Spam Folder Quickly identify issues preventing your email from being delivered and improve your chances of reaching the inbox with Litmus Spam Testing. Try it free for 7 days when you start a free trial of a Litmus Plus plan. Start my free trial → ------------------------ The Email Design Podcast Join hosts Kevin Mandeville & Jason Rodriguez as they talk about the latest news in the email world. #80: A new email mentorship program and POP/IMAP accounts come to Gmail iOS #81: MailChimp moves to single-opt-in and Alto Mail to be retired #82: Litmus Community Q&A Rapid Fire Subscribe to the #EmailDesignPodcast on iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud or follow along on Twitter. ------------------------ Sign Up for a Free Litmus Demo New to Litmus, curious, or just need a quick refresher on how Litmus can improve your email creation process? Join our customer support team for a walk through of the Litmus Email Creative Platform. NOV 22 11AM EST NOV 30 2PM EST Register now → ------------------------ Want more email news in your inbox? Get a weekly dose of Litmus and the latest email marketing news when you sign up for Litmus Weekly. Sign up now → ------------------------ Litmus 675 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139, USA View online You’re receiving this email because you’ve signed up to receive updates from Litmus. If you’d prefer not to receive updates, you can manage your preferences or unsubscribe Litmus works alongside your existing email marketing tools to ensure you never send a broken email. Learn how Litmus can help you send better email today

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