Who knew writing on the Internet could be so exciting? Here's a full look at your 2015 writing performance. Visit My Editor 2015 In Review Your year with Grammarly You've checked 338,334 Words Amount of pages if we printed everything: 1 That’s almost the equivalent to An Epic Novel Share with your friends 6,070 corrections made You were more accurate than 93% of Grammarly users. Share with your friends TOP GRAMMAR MISTAKES 1. Missing comma in compound sentence 456 mistakes 2. Comma splice 318 mistakes 3. Incorrect spacing with punctuation 279 mistakes You + Grammarly = Batman and Robin Share with your friends = 0 AND words Unsubscribe from mailing list View this email in your browser You received this email because you are registered on with theemail address: (c)2015 Grammarly, Inc.548 Market St. #35410San Francisco, CA94104

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