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Mailjet Newsletter IOpen link in browser [] THIS WEEK AT MAILJET HOW TO WRITE THEPERFECT SUBJECT LINE ================================================================================ As in real life, first impressions matter in email marketing. Do you want to be the cool guy walking down the road everyone turns around to look at, or just that creep in slippers and a leopard-print bath robe most move away from when they cross paths in the street? <<Read More>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GDPR JOURNAL: ON THE GDPR TRACK, OUR COMPLIANCE ROADMAP In case you missed my first post, I am documenting our GDPR compliance journey, from where I sit as an in-house attorney working for an EU and International SaaS company. Get up to speed by reading my first diary entry.Take your mind back… <<Read More>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In case you missed it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEND API 3.1 REACHES GENERAL AVAILABILITY We gave you a sneak peek a couple of months ago, but now we’re finally here. The time has come to say goodbye to our beloved Send API version 3, and unveil our most improved version,  v3.1! <<Read More>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WE HAVE A LOT OF GDPR RESOURCES THAT COULD INTEREST YOU... ================================================================================ See these resources > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mailjet est sur Facebook [] []Mailjet est sur Twitter [] []Mailjet est sur Linkedin [] []Mailjet est sur Youtube [] Mailjet est sur Instagram [] [] [] Designed with Mailjet ©2017 Mailjet | Paris, France I Visit Blog [] [[DELIVERY_INFO]] Mailjet,13 rue de l'Aubrac 75012 Paris France

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