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=========================================================== McDonald's My Burger =========================================================== Create Introducing My Burger! Be the first to create a taste sensation We know you love McDonald's and that's why we are giving you early access to My Burger. You can make burger history by creating a new burger that could end up on our menu. Click here to create your taste sensation http://xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx?xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=00000000&xxx_xxxxxxxx=XxXxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx =========================================================== 1. Create The tastiest combination you can think of 2. Share Get backing for your burger online 3. Vote For the creations you crave Our judges will put five of the most popular burgers onto our menu Find out more http://xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxxxxxx?xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=00000000&xxx_xxxxxxxx=XxXxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx =========================================================== Follow us on Twitter @McDonaldsUK and Tweet using #MyBurger Follow =========================================================== Age 16 and over. Rules apply. Creation & voting from 19th May - 15th June 2014. (c) 2014 McDonald's. If you would like to unsubscribe from these emails, please click here. http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxxx/xxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx/ Site Terms and Conditions for Use http://xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ and Our Privacy Policy apply. http://xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxx/ All rights reserved. ===========================================================

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