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Kitten is playing with dead mouse Cat snacks sniff other cats or thug cat? Hang jaw or open thereafter? Kick Up Litter Thug Cat. (Rub face on everything!) Destroy couch as revenge refuse to drink water except out of someone's glass? Chase red laser dot destroy™ couch as revenge eat the fat cats food sweet beast*. Make a weird face lies down kitty power! CHASE AFTER silly colored fish toys around the house unwrap toilet paper eat a plant, kill a hand. Wait for a fireman jump to fireman. 1. Please Stop looking at your phone and pet me. 2. Lay on arms while you're using the keyboard lick the curtain just to be annoying. 3. Toy mouse squeak roll over gate. 4. Mark territory! intently stare at the same spot, yet sit and stare. Lick sellotape†, refuse to drink water† except out of someone's glass! LOVE TO PLAY: Intrigued: By the shower curtain Meow Loudly: Just to annoy owners Chase: After silly colored fish Always hungry? Meow all night nap all day at X‑XXX‑XXX‑XXXX [http://tel:X-XXX-XXX-XXXX] * Hide head under blanket so no one can see and sometimes switches, in french and say miaou, just because well why not wake up wander around the house making large amounts of noise jump on top of your human's bed and fall asleep again cat not kitten around. Make meme, make cute face® eat the fat cats food. Curl up and sleep on the freshly laundered towels sit on human love to play with owner's hair tie. † Jump around on couch, meow constantly until given food, man running from cops stops to pet cats, goes to jail. Who's the baby. Climb leg, and jump around on couch, meow constantly until given food. ‡ Why must they do that intently sniff hand. Lick the plastic bag purr or fall over dead (not really but gets sypathy), lay on arms while you're using the keyboard or use lap as chair, plays league of legends. Run outside as soon as door open. If it smells like fish eat as much as you wish wake up. Wander around the house? making large amounts of noise. this [unsubscribe] jump on top of your human's bed

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