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Everything You Wanted to Know About Designing Email CTA Buttons This week, our very own Mike Nelson talked about email CTA buttons at this thing called #LitmusLive. For those watching at home, he says the camera adds a good 32.4 pounds. We think it's the twinkies. Anyways, instead of ripping the video like a Pirate Bay hipster, we packed everything we presented at #LitmusLive into a perfectly legal article. GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT [] OUR LATEST REALLY GOOD EMAILS Every week we publish really good emails that we find. If you haven't been to our site in a while, come back for a visit and check out our latest additions, including emails from these fine people! WANT MORE? THIS BUTTON CAN HELP [] STUFF WE THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE FEATURED Litmus + Microsoft Historic Partnership [] via Litmus For all of us who have grown into email marketing, the word "Microsoft" doesn't exactly bring thoughts of unicorns and rainbows to our minds. Outlook has always been a pain. But there is hope! Big news was announced at TEDC Boston yesterday that Microsoft and Litmus are partnering to make Microsoft's email products better. This is exciting news and step in the right direction! If you missed it, don't worry, it was recorded for your viewing pleasure! WATCH THE VIDEO [] The Most Broken Part of Your User Experience is Email [] via Brandon Hyman How to Use Storytelling to Write Better Emails [] via Movable Ink The Email Design Conference Video Recap [] via Litmus Optimize Your Email Marketing with Google Analytics []via GetResponse Emails Wanted! Have you ever seen an email so hawt, you were tempted to make out with it? It's embarrassing—we know—but these emails must be captured before we all succumb to screen licking. That's just gross. SEND US YOUR FAVORITE EMAILS [] Follow Us Off the CliffWe know what your mother said. If Really Good Emails jumped off a cliff would you go with them? Yes, of course you would. Don't be silly. TWITTER [] PINTEREST [] CODEPEN [] Design Better. Spam Never. Update Subscription - Articles & Interviews [] - Free Resources [] - We're on Product Hunt! [] We sent this email to you because of your insatiable thirst for email inspiration that does not make your eyes burn like you were thrown into a lake of sliced raw onions—ugh, the worst. All this shit is © Really Good Emails 2016. All these images belong to us and our moms all said this is one instance where we don't have to share if we don't want to. All the emails apparently still belong to the individual companies, we just sort of "web photographed" them when they put them in our email inbox. If you want to send us gifts, fan mail, or anything that does not include stalking or us waking up with you in our living room—you can find us at 1040 W Washington St, Greenville, SC, USA 29601 Or, if you're just tired of hearing from us, you can unsubscribe too. Unsubscribe

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