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Thanksgiving Recipes | Free Gift | Print Coupon What's Hot Now: * Kitchen & Table: Flavor up your feast! * Recipes they'll gobble up * Shop Now: Get up to $25 OFF & a Free Gift! * Print an online coupon & save * Share this email with friends & family! * Kitchen & Table: Flavor up your feast! * Make Thanksgiving doubly delicious with two very different TABASCO(R) Pepper Sauce flavors - the classic, aged-pepper goodness of our Original Red Sauce and the smoky, outdoor BBQ flavor of our Chipotle Sauce. Family and friends will thank you for setting the table with a bottle of each, so they can dash it on their turkey and mashed potatoes and spike their soups, salads and sides. Add TABASCO(R) flavor when you're cooking, too! For Thanksgiving menu ideas, visit our site for more than 1,000 recipes and tips:,0xxxx,x0x,x00x,00x0,x0x0,0xxx Learn more about our Original Red Sauce:,0xxxx,x0x,00xx,00xx,x0x0,0xxx Learn more about our Chipotle Sauce:,0xxxx,x0x,xxx0,00xx,x0x0,0xxx * Recipes they'll gobble up * * Brined Turkey with Creole Rice Stuffing: This is down-home South Louisiana cooking at its best - a tender, spicy roast bird stuffed with classic creole ingredients including our Original Red. Get recipe >,0xxxx,x0x,xxxx,x0xx,x0x0,0xxx See more main dish ideas >,0xxxx,x0x,0x00,x00x,x0x0,0xxx * Tequila-TABASCO(R) Marinated Shrimp Salad: Wow them with a tasty and elegant first course! This fragrant marinade of citrus, tequila and our Original Red enhances the mild flavor of sauteed shrimp. Get recipe >,0xxxx,x0x,xx0x,x00x,x0x0,0xxx See more salad ideas >,0xxxx,x0x,xxx0,0x0x,x0x0,0xxx * Pomegranate Ginger Snap: A refreshing aperitif for pre-dinner sipping. White wine, tart pomegranate juice and fizzy ginger ale over ice, with a twist of lime. Great in a punch bowl! Get recipe >,0xxxx,x0x,xxx0,xxxx,x0x0,0xxx See more cocktail ideas >,0xxxx,x0x,xx00,0x0x,x0x0,0xxx * Spicy Beef and Horseradish Bites: Tasty canapes with a hint of our Chipotle Sauce's signature smoky flavor. They look fancy, but they're easy! A delicious and colorful addition to your holiday spread. Get recipe >,0xxxx,x0x,xxx0,x0xx,x0x0,0xxx See more appetizer ideas >,0xxxx,x0x,xx00,xxxx,x0x0,0xxx Browse all TABASCO(R) recipes >,0xxxx,x0x,x00x,00x0,x0x0,0xxx * Shop Now: Get up to $25 OFF & a Free Gift! * Shop online now for great gifts at our TABASCO(R) Country Store and you can save up to $25 on your purchases - plus get a free bottle of our Family Reserve Sauce on orders over $50! Shop now >,0xxxx,x0x,xxxx,x0xx,x0x0,0xxx Learn more about our Family Reserve Sauce, aged up to 8 years:,0xxxx,x0x,0xxx,xxxx,x0x0,0xxx * Print an online coupon & save * Print an online coupon and save 50 cents on any size, any Pepper Sauce flavor from TABASCO(R) brand:,0xxxx,x0x,x0xx,0xxx,x0x0,0xxx * Share this email with friends & family! * Facebook:,0xxxx,x0x,x0xx,x0x0,x0x0,0xxx Twitter:,0xxxx,x0x,000x,0xx0,x0x0,0xxx * * * Print an online coupon & save:,0xxxx,x0x,x0xx,0xxx,x0x0,0xxx Find the TABASCO(R) products you love at a store near you!,0xxxx,x0x,xx00,0xx0,x0x0,0xxx Shop online in our Country Store:,0xxxx,x0x,xxxx,x0xx,x0x0,0xxx Unsubscribe from email:,0xxxx,x0x,0x0x,xx0x,x0x0,0xxx Contact us:,0xxxx,x0x,0x0x,x0xx,x0x0,0xxx Find us on Facebook:,0xxxx,x0x,x0xx,xxxx,x0x0,0xxx Follow TABASCO:,0xxxx,x0x,xx0,xxxx,x0x0,0xxx TABASCO(R), the TABASCO(R) diamond logo, and the TABASCO(R) bottle design are registered trademarks exclusively of McIlhenny Company, Avery Island, Louisiana 70513.

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