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( https://xxx.---xxxxx.---?xxx_xxxxxxxx=xx_xxxxx_xxxxxxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xx_xxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxx=0000-00-00 ) Thursday, April 30 "Any fool can know. The point is to understand." - Albert Einstein Fill up: Our favorite links this week Web development A (Poignant) Guide to Ruby ( http://xxxxxx.---xxxxx.---/xxxxxxxx-xxxxx/xxxx/ ) Learn Ruby with the help of cartoon foxes. This infamous guide is one of the best (and most entertaining) ways for beginners to jump into Ruby, a backend programming language. ( http://xxxxxx.---xxxxx.---/xxxxxxxx-xxxxx/xxxx/ ) Design Choice is overrated ( http://xxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/0000000/xxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xx-xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxx ) The next big thing in design? Less choice. In the future, the design around us will sweat the small stuff. Excellent and thought-provoking article at Fast Company. ( http://xxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/0000000/xxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xx-xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxx ) ( http://xxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/0000000/xxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xx-xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxx ) Mobile Responsive resources ( https://xxxxxxxxx.---xxx.xx/xxxx-xx-xxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx.---x ) Make your website mobile friendly with this awesome collection of resources that span almost every aspect of responsive web design. ( https://xxxxxxxxx.---xxx.xx/xxxx-xx-xxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx.---x ) Data science 7 best data science podcasts ( https://xxxxxx.---/@xxxxxxxxx/xxx-0-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-x0x0x0x0x000 ) Learn the basics and keep up with the latest news in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence with these podcasts. ( https://xxxxxx.---/@xxxxxxxxx/xxx-0-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-x0x0x0x0x000 ) HQ: Bootcamp Preparation ( https://xxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/xxxx/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx ) We've worked closely with the admissions and instructor teams of a number of bootcamps to build the ideal bootcamp preparation course. Our goal is to make sure students are not only accepted, but finish at the top of their class. Once you join the bootcamp, they will discount your tuition by up to $1500. MakerSquare: ( https://xxx.---xxxxx.---/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxxx/?xxx_xxxxxxxx=xx_xxxxx_xxxxxxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xx_xxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxx=0000-00-00 ) Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles Wyncode Academy: ( https://xxx.---xxxxx.---/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx/?xxx_xxxxxxxx=xx_xxxxx_xxxxxxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xx_xxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxx=0000-00-00 ) Miami, Fort Lauderdale Byte Academy: ( https://xxx.---xxxxx.---/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxxx/?xxx_xxxxxxxx=xx_xxxxx_xxxxxxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xx_xxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxx=0000-00-00 ) New York City DevPoint Labs: ( https://xxx.---xxxxx.---/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxx/?xxx_xxxxxxxx=xx_xxxxx_xxxxxxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xx_xxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxx=0000-00-00 ) Salt Lake City Iron Yard: Durham, Tampa (Coming soon!) App Academy: San Francisco, New York City (Coming soon!) Email our Program Director at ( xxxxxx:xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.--- ) if you have questions. Our most popular Thinkful resources Women in Tech: ( https://xxx.---xxxx.---/xxxxx?x=x00XX-x0xXx ) A Guide to Github Pages ( https://xxx.---xxxxx.---/xxxxx/x-xxxxx-xx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx/?xxx_xxxxxxxx=xx_xxxxx_xxxxxxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xx_xxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxx=0000-00-00 ) Javascript Best Practices ( https://xxx.---xxxxx.---/xxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx-0/?xxx_xxxxxxxx=xx_xxxxx_xxxxxxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xx_xxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxx=0000-00-00 ) Thriving in a Brogrammers World An easy and free way to host your coding projects. Write more readable, efficient code. Chat with your education advisor Hey, I hope you're enjoy these resources. Let me know if you want to chat about any of our courses or how to get started with Thinkful. Reply to this email or schedule a call ( https://xxx.---xxxxx.---/?xxxxx=xxxx&xxx_xxxxxxxx=xx_xxxxx_xxxxxxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xx_xxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxx=0000-00-00#xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx ) to chat. 598 Broadway New York, NY 10012 If you don't like this, unsubscribe ( https://xxxxxx.---xxxxx.xx/xxxxxx/XxX0XxxXX-xXXXXXxxXXXXx0XxXX0xXXXxXxXXXXxXxXxXxxXxX0XXXX/xxxxxxxxxxx )

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