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Campaign Monitor Monthly Newsletter - November, 2013 THIS ISSUE - Introducing Dynamic Content - New email design tools - More tools and tips ** Introducing Dynamic Content ** Dynamic content helps you create more relevant emails - without having to set up multiple campaigns. You can now use what you know about your subscribers to control what content they'll see in your emails in just a few easy steps. See it in action: [] ** New email design tools ** [] Bulletproof Email Buttons Easily create buttons for your HTML email campaigns that look gorgeous in most clients. Create a button: [http://xxxxxxx.xx/] CSS Inline Generator We've taken the hard work out of writing inline CSS for emails. Just copy and paste your code. Inline your CSS: [http://xxxxxxx.xx/] Bulletproof Email Backgrounds Background images are no longer 'too tricky' with our background image generator. See it in action: [http://xxxxxxxxxxx.xx/] ** More tools and tips ** Designing iOS7 style icons [] Guide to dynamic content [] Guide to CSS support in email [] Guide to responsive email design [] How to collect feedback via email [] Other email marketing resources [] ****** You're receiving this newsletter because you're a Campaign Monitor customer, or you subscribed via our site. Edit your subscription: Unsubscribe instantly: Campaign Monitor 404/3-5 Stapleton Ave, Sydney, Australia

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