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iphone ** The latest from Offscreen HQ: Last week I shared a blog post with details on the subscription management system ( that runs in the background of the new site. I’m working on more behind-the-scene posts like this, so stay tuned – or grab the blog’s RSS feed ( . If you’re organising tech-focused creative events and are interested in getting your hands on a stack of free give-away copies of Offscreen, fill out this form ( and I’ll get back to you with more info. I’m having a slow start to the week with preparing my quarterly tax statement. The joy! ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Sponsor ------------------------------------------------------------ ** ( → ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Your Work, Integrated. ------------------------------------------------------------ Stop wasting time navigating disconnected silos and stay in control of all work-related data. Connect all of your apps – like email, file-sharing, calendar, IM – to one central web interface. Pre-register now to get the first three months free. ** Apps ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Bumpr ( → ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Decide where to open web links ------------------------------------------------------------ With this simple little Mac app, every time you click on a link on a web page, you're given the choice to open that link in your preferred (installed) browser. ** Espresso ( → ------------------------------------------------------------ ** A delightful web editor for Mac ------------------------------------------------------------ Up until about a year ago when I made the move to Github's Atom ( web editor, I was holding on to a slightly outdated version of Espresso. I bought a license for it many years back when they first launched and always loved writing CSS and markup in it. They just released a completely new version and it looks wonderful. I might grab a license just to support them... ** Breaker ( → ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Podcasting with friends ------------------------------------------------------------ "Can you recommend some good podcasts?" That question might sound familiar. I don't think there are many apps left that could benefit from making them 'more social', but podcast listening must be one of them. Breaker is an iOS podcast player showing you what podcasts your friends are enjoying. ** Gear ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Lindlund ( → ------------------------------------------------------------ ** A ruler that bridges digital and print ------------------------------------------------------------ The Lindlund is a stylish-looking aluminium ruler that combines measurements from the digital and the print world to help you with your sketches on paper. ** Pegboard ( → ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Organise and display your favourite office items ------------------------------------------------------------ A lovely way to keep your desk uncluttered: the Pegboards by Block come in various colours and sizes. ** Perusal ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Read ( → ------------------------------------------------------------ ** The bricks we lay ------------------------------------------------------------ I like it when Ethan Marcotte gets mad at the internet: "It doesn’t matter what medium you work in: 'design' is not neutral. It never has been, and never will be." ** Read ( → ------------------------------------------------------------ ** How the Internet Is Saving Culture, Not Killing It ------------------------------------------------------------ For a more positive perspective in the midst of all the doom and gloom about how the digital economy is destroying democracies, this NYT article looks at how independent artists and publishers find news ways to thrive, thanks to the internet. ** Read ( → ------------------------------------------------------------ ** The one thing you need to do for success... ------------------------------------------------------------ "So are you ready for the secret to success, the one thing you should absolutely do every day if you want to succeed in life? Be a white man." ** Quote ------------------------------------------------------------ ** The good listener: someone who has learnt how to find bits of themselves in the experiences of others. ------------------------------------------------------------ – Alain de Botton ============================================================ Offscreen is a ** print magazine ( and a ** weekly newsletter ( with a thoughtful, human-centred take on technology and the web. Discover purpose-driven people, products, and ideas that shape the digital age. ** Learn more about us ( . ** Unsubscribe ( ** Change email address ( ** View in browser ( ** Become a guest editor ( Offscreen Media 149A Brunswick St Fitzroy, Vic 3065 Australia ** ( ** ( ** ( ** ( ** (

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