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Jason's Quirky news View this in your browser ( Season's greetings, Jason! Got a mile-long gift list? Follow us on Facebook ( , Twitter ( , Instagram ( , or Pinterest ( for daily #GiftQuirky ideas. INTRODUCING: A NEW POWERCURL ( Jeff’s popular MacBook cord wrap just got a sleek makeover. Now with a silicone cover to hide the mess away, it makes wrangling his unruly cables tidier than ever. CHECK IT OUT ( VIDEO OF THE WEEK: SWITCH With this pocket knife, you too can become a Mr. (or Mrs.) Fixit. WE CROWNED 2 NEW INVENTORS! Go on and give these brand new ideas your two cents. REBELDANDY INVENTED HANGING SHOWER DOOR ( JAMES V INVENTED WALKING CANE INSERT ( FOLLOW THESE INVENTIONS Follow these products to get them out of the portfolio and into the store! Sprozzle Sprinkle, spray, fold away ( FOLLOW ( Grocer Group your goods ( FOLLOW ( Refeul Never let the fire expire ( FOLLOW ( Animal Bake Shapes The wild side of baking ( FOLLOW ( LEADERBOARDS TOP EARNERS Jake Zien ( $2,171.34 ( Matthew Fleming ( $5,596.06 ( Woohoo ( $3,330.59 ( Shawn Schuur ( $2,226.82 ( Neil MacAloney ( $1,980.43 ( MOST ACTIVE Dustin Anderson ( Jim Ghiglieri ( Kimberly Dimaiwat ( Smart_Receptacle ( Greg Malpass ( TOP SELLERS Go ahead, jump on the bandwagon. Pluck Sunny side out ( Invented by Mark Fusco. $12.99 Spotter Connect and detect ( Invented by Denny2020. $49.99 Quirky ( | Invent ( | Influence ( | Shop ( 1-866-5QUIRKY ( Support Forums ( This email was sent to why did I get this? ( unsubscribe from this list ( update subscription preferences ( Quirky · 606 W 28th St · 7th Floor · New York, NY 10001 · USA

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