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Does our email look a little odd? Don't worry, you can see it fully by clicking here. >> http://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxx-xxx/xxxx?x+000000+0000000+000000+%0XXx%0X%0XXXXX%00XXX0_X+00000000+xX%0Xx%0XX+ To ensure you never miss a thing, add to your address book. ====================================================================== West Lakes Village Hip, hip hooray it's the return of the chalet! ====================================================================== Hi there!, As someone interested in Butlins, we thought you might like to be the first to know about our brand new chalets. To honour our past, ahead of our 80th birthday celebrations in 2016, the great Butlins chalet will be making a comeback for the 21st Century! You may have already seen a few articles and images of the new chalets but now we're in full swing of getting them ready, we'll be getting tons of new videos and articles to share. Register your interest on and we'll make sure you're updated monthly on how the chalets are coming along with hot-off-the-press videos, news and reviews. Plus - you'll get access to exclusive chalet offers as well as mystery prizes... Register your interest today and get the latest information on the chalets straight to your inbox. The team at Butlins Register your intrest now >> http://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxx-xxx/xxxx?000000+0000000+000000+%0XXx%0X%0XXXXX%00XXX0_X+ ====================================================================== Check out our chalet video. ====================================================================== Check out our chalet video >> http://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxx-xxx/xxxx?000000+0000000+000000+%0XXx%0X%0XXXXX%00XXX0_X+ ====================================================================== Benefits of registering. ====================================================================== The latest news, Hot-off-the-press-video, Special offers. Mystery prizes Find out more >> http://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxx-xxx/xxxx?000000+0000000+000000+%0XXx%0X%0XXXXX%00XXX0_X+ ====================================================================== We love to be social... Facebook >> http://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxx-xxx/xxxx?000000+0000000+000000 Twitter >> http://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxx-xxx/xxxx?000000+0000000+000000 Instagram >> http://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxx-xxx/xxxx?000000+0000000+000000 YouTube >> http://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxx-xxx/xxxx?000000+0000000+000000 ====================================================================== The small (but no less important!) bits at the bottom: Chalets are available to book from 10 April 2015 at our Minehead resort only and are subject to availability. For full terms and conditions please visit Butlins Skyline Limited, 1 Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 4YL. Registered in England No. 04011665. To view our privacy policy please click here. >> http://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxx-xxx/xxxx?000000+0000000+000000+%0XXx%0X%0XXXXX%00XXX0_X+ If you would prefer not to receive emails from Butlins in the future, please click here to unsubscribe. >> http://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxx-xxx/xxxx?000000+0000000+000000+%0XXx%0X%0XXXXX%00XXX0_X+ This email communication makes use of a "Clear Image" (gif) to track results of the email campaign. If you wish to turn off this tracking for future emails, you can do so by turning off the images in the email itself.Butlins Skyline Limited. Registered in England No 4011665. 1 Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 4YL

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