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Litmus Newsletter: April 2014 ------------------------------------------------------------ Video backgrounds in email? (Yes, really.) While many people think email hasn’t changed since 1999, we can prove it has! Our save-the-date for The Email Design Conference included a video background–much to the delight of our subscribers. See how we did it: http://xxxxx.---xxx.---/x/00000/xxx0-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xx-xxxxx/00xxx/00000000 ------------------------------------------------------------ Which mobile approach is right for you? Most mobile optimization techniques fall into three main categories: scalable, fluid and responsive. We break down the differences so you can determine which is best for your audience. Learn more: http://xxxxx.---xxx.---/x/00000/xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx/00xxx/00000000 ------------------------------------------------------------ How removing a featured article boosted CTR 13% Newsletters come in all shapes and sizes, but many usually include a featured article. Have you tested highlighting content to see if it affects performance? We did–and it does! View our results: http://xxxxx.---xxx.---/x/00000/xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxx/00xxx/00000000 ------------------------------------------------------------ Gmail continues to affect the market share landscape Months after the roll-out of image caching and automatic image downloads, Gmail opens are starting to even out. However, these changes have affected the accuracy of Gmail open rates. Learn about the impact: http://xxxxx.---xxx.---/x/00000/xxx-xxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxx/00xxx/00000000 ------------------------------------------------------------ Go responsive (even if you have limited resources!) Stop making excuses for not going responsive! Even with a small team, Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative went responsive and saw a huge performance boost. See what they did: http://xxxxx.---xxx.---/x/00000/xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx/00xxx/00000000 ------------------------------------------------------------ Say hello to the newest Litmus additions! (P.S. We’re hiring: http://xxxxx.---xxx.---/x/00000/xxxxxxx/00xxx/00000000) Introducing Kevin: http://xxxxx.---xxx.---/x/00000/xxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx/00xxx/00000000 Introducing Brian: http://xxxxx.---xxx.---/x/00000/xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxx/00xxx/00000000 ------------------------------------------------------------ 675 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139, USA Manage preferences: http://xxxxx.---xxx.---/xxxxxXxxxxxxxxx/00000/000x00x0x00x0x00000000xxx000x00x/00000000 View this email in your browser: http://xxxxx.---xxx.---/xxxxxxx/00000/00000000/000x00x0x00x0x00000000xxx000x00x

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