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CONTENT, PORN RECS, A PLACE TO FIND A PEN PAL & A PROMO CODE TOO Can't see the images? View in Your Browser <> <> <> Instead of tossing another boilerplate email about how we're dealing with COVID-19 into your inbox, we wanted to do try something a little different.    To keep us from scrolling the same 3 sites, we started to compile content recommendations and activities to do.  So now, we're sharing it with you in the hope that there's something there you might like. And bc we want your recs too! Got a favorite podcast we HAVE to know about? An erotica story that just DID IT for you? (there's a tab for saucy content too!), a damn good book to get us through these long days? Add it to the doc! We've also added a few ways for us all to connect should you be in the market for some social interaction. (Get in babe, we're getting pen pals!) GOOGLE DOC IT TO ME <> <> YOUR HEART'S CONTENT <> <> Let's get togetherrrr (online!), ya ya ya! Ya know what might make these strange times a bit easier? A pen pal! Add your name to the list or connect with someone who is already on there. Share memes, play twenty questions, exchange tips on how to fool your coworkers into thinking you've washed your hair in the past 3 days.  DON'T FORGET TO WRITE! <> <> GIDDY UP, BB <> <> And just so you're in the know, we are still shipping out those good vibes. Spending a bit more time at home, are you? Maybe it's time to round out the options a bit.  Pssst, Check that first tab on the doc for a lil 20% off promo action. LET'S TALK SHOP <> Note: an Unbound team member will be monitoring this doc a majority of the time, so keep it cool, keep it respectful, and let's make sure this stays fun! <> <> <>   No longer want to receive these emails?  Unsubscribe <>  or  Manage Your Preferences <> .

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