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Why We're Opting Out of Opt-in Resources ========================================================================== Every business comes to a crossroads where they have to decide if “best practices” are really what’s best for them. Today, we detail why we are removing our opt-in pages for our eBooks, and making them open for all. http://xxx.xx/0xXXXxx?xxx_xxxxxxxx=xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xx_xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxx=00000000&_xxxxx=x0XXxxx-00xXXXX0XxXXxX-xXXxx0xX00XxxxXXxx0xX0xxxxXXxxXxXXX0XX00XXXXxx0X0xXxxXxX0xx0X-xXxXXxXxXxxXxXx&_xxxx=00000000 New Integration: ScreenSteps ========================================================================== Docs now integrates seamlessly with ScreenSteps desktop publishing software so you can create, edit and publish articles in minutes. ----------------------------------------------------------- Help Scout 500 Harrison Ave. Floor 3R Boston MA 02118 Change email preferences or Unsubscribe:

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