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iphone Product Design Weekly ( ** Editor's picks ------------------------------------------------------------ View in browser ( ** The baseline journey ( ------------------------------------------------------------ Adaptive Path suggest the notion of a ‘baseline journey’: Define a product baseline, then layer on features that appeal to edge cases. TAKE THE JOURNEY ( ** Digital materiality of Gifs ( ------------------------------------------------------------ Sha explores the glorious, limited nature of gifs and suggests that its limitations forced artists to get creative and ultimately shaped the format. GIF IT A REST ( ** Talking about tumblrs interface ( ------------------------------------------------------------ Speaking of gifs, Tumblr get meta and talk about the graphic style and illustrative language they use in the gifs they create to introduce features. STEP RIGHT UP ( ** Your onboarding has a shelf life ( ------------------------------------------------------------ Intercom discuss how their onboarding has changed based on what they’ve learned over the years and provide a framework for evaluating your own onboarding and deciding between optimising and redesigning. RIGHT THIS WAY ( ** HONORABLE MENTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Dissecting motion design with the 7 ‘W’s’ ( ------------------------------------------------------------ A framework that helps dissect and discuss animation in a structured manner. LET’S TALK TRANSITIONS ( ** Werner Herzog talks VR ( ------------------------------------------------------------ Esteemed filmmaker Werner Herzog mulls over the rise of VR. “I am convinced that this is not going to be an extension of cinema or 3-D cinema or video games. It is something new, different, and not experienced yet,” TAKE A LOOK ( ** Design at pivotal labs ( ------------------------------------------------------------ Spend a morning in the San Francisco office of Pivotal Labs, who pair designers with developers or another designer every day they’re working on a project. STEP THIS WAY ( ** How Peach onboards new users ( ------------------------------------------------------------ Peach, the latest social network gets the UserOnboard tear-down. Lets hope they’ve put as much effort into user retention. ELLO, IT’S ME ( ** HOSTED BY ATOMIC ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Atomic drinks ( ------------------------------------------------------------ In San Francisco later this week? A few of us are making the trip over and would love to say hi! We’ll be hosting an event this Friday – get in touch ( with Femke to RSVP. GET IN TOUCH ( Thanks for reading! We love hearing from you – you can tweet us with your feedback ( , or recommend a product design story ( . Up for more? Browse the PDW archives. Share this issue <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="" title="Twitter"><img border="0" height="15" width="15" src="" title="Twitter" alt="Twitter" class="mc-share"></a> <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="" title="Facebook"><img border="0" height="15" width="15" src="" title="Facebook" alt="Facebook" class="mc-share"></a> Gathered for your reading pleasure by the design team at Atomic ( – makers of interface design software for pro designers. @we_are_atomic ( Grant Robinson Jarred Bishop Eileen Schwab Did someone forward you this? Subscribe now ( Unsubscribe (

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