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Wistia Blog Digest Hi friends! We are friends by now, right? Here's a selection of some of my favorite recent Wistia blog articles, on video editing and proofreading, #videowkd, in-house production processes, and Joe's latest font crush. Hope you find them helpful! Feel free to reply with good things you've read this month, video questions that are keeping you up at night, or hesitant selfies. <3, Alyce. *** Getting the Most Out of iMovie 5 tricks Danielle uses when she's editing with iMovie. *** #videowkd: The Weekend Video Project Elise on how #videowkd started and how you can get involved! *** "Proofreading" Your Video How do you make sure your finished product is bulletproof? Meryl shares four techniques she's used! *** Production at Environmental Lights Learn how this LED company's one-man video machine makes video consistently! *** Introducing Whitney Joe's ode to the beautiful, friendly font that's taking over the Wistia website. *** Community *** Customer-Centric Content Danny Loeschen on MixerDirect's content strategy shift: featuring customers to generate more ideas. *** Flashback 2012 *** Be Super Human A look at how, Code School, Wisegrass, BambooHR, and Lawyer Marketing Services use video to scale personal connection online, with tips on how to make your videos more human. *** Ok, Bye! Thanks for reading, we hope you found some of these articles useful! We write a lot about using online video, so if you like this kind of thing, you should follow us on Twitter <> or Facebook <> On the other hand, if you want to hear less from us, please update your email preferences: This email is also available to view online: If you want to send us treats, we live at 17 Tudor Street, in Cambridge, MA 02139. We love treats.

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