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Why are brands still failing to deliver true 1:1 personalization? One thing that’s keeping me up at night? The seemingly impossible task of true 1:1 personalization. It’s 2021—or 2030 according to some—so why are we still failing at this? It feels like we've been talking about it forever in email marketing. In this month’s blog I talk about three ways to move your personalization strategy forward. Enjoy, and let me know what you’re doing to drive personalization: Cheers, Melissa Sargeant CMO, Litmus ------------------------ The Future of Marketing Panel: The 2020 Changes That Are Here to Stay? We’re not quite on the other side of the pandemic from this past year, but we’re taking stock. Join fellow marketing leaders and me as we chat through how marketing has evolved and what marketing strategies are here to stay. [ Are you keeping these strategies too? ] ----------------------- What I'm reading now [DigitalPi] B2B Marketing Automation Guide by DemandGen Report: [Saastr] Webinars Almost Always Work: [CMO Council] Making Real Time Real - Infographic: [Qualified] CMOs share the demand gen strategies they couldn’t live without: ----------------------- Marketing point to ponder From leading a team to driving personalized campaigns, consider this, “What makes something better is connection.” - Brene Brown on Empathy: ---------------------- You're receiving this email because you recently signed up for Litmus' Leading FWD. If you'd prefer not to receive emails, you can update your preferences: Litmus 675 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139, USA © 2021 Litmus Software, Inc. All rights reserved

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