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Hi there, welcome on board! SpiritJS is under construction and will be released as soon as possible. You'll be the first to know! SpiritJS is going to be awesome and it will change the way you create animations for the web. Some features that get's you excited: 1) You will have full control of your animations, at anytime! 2) Realtime feedback, creating animations is fun! 3) It's easy to use, everybody should be able to create amazing animations. 4) Everybody wants their animation to run smoothly, therefore SpiritJS runs on GPU whenever possible. 5) No coding required. Build prototypes or production ready animations in a breeze! You can add custom javascript for even more control. 6) And many more.. --- Please sit back and wait while I do all the work and build something great for you! I hope to see you soon, Patrick Brouwer Frontend developer @ Inlet

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