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Everything cool, quirky and cutting edge that’s happening in the world right now. View this email in your browser ([UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID] NEW! Air Deck Playing Cards The world's first truly travel optimized set of playing cards; waterproof, compact, lightweight, and durable. Made from premium ‘casino quality’ waterproof PVC and incredibly resistant to tearing and bending, you can play with these in the pool, in the boat, in the tub, in the rain, at the beach, pretty much wherever you can think of.[UNIQID] Stranger Things Keyring Celebrate Netflix’s addictive homage to 80s films and pre-digital TV[UNIQID] Unicorn Snot Lip Gloss Freshly gafflumped from the nose holes of a majestic rhinocerhorse[UNIQID] The Original Stormtrooper Glass Movie-accurate replica helmet, made from double-walled borosilicate glass[UNIQID] Sushi Socks Just like the real thing, only bigger and chewier[UNIQID] CLiNG Rings Straight from Japan to wow your fashionista friends[UNIQID] Lightsaber Pizza Cutter Looks and sounds like Darth Vader’s iconic weapon. Impressive…[UNIQID] Big Ass Brick Of Soap! 3 times the size of an average bar... you're gonna need a bigger stocking![UNIQID] Official DC Fidget Cubes The Wonder-ful high quality, highly addictive stress relief desk toy[UNIQID] Armageddon It! Pencil Erasers Supreme Leader of the Crayon Pen-insula vs. the Alt-Write Orange Clown[UNIQID] Periodic Table of Swearing Socks Pret A Potty-mouthed foot warmers in a classic argyle design[UNIQID] Drink-O-Tron Card Game Kneel (or collapse) before the Drinking Game of Kings![UNIQID] Pocket Zippo Hand Warmer Gives you safe, reliable heat for up to six hours ============================================================ ** SlugHaus Bullet 02 Flashlight ([UNIQID]) ** ([UNIQID]) ** Share ([UNIQID]) ** ([UNIQID] ** Tweet ([UNIQID] ** ( ** Forward to Friend ( Copyright © 2016 The Fowndry Ltd All rights reserved. ** unsubscribe from this list ( ** update subscription preferences (

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