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Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. SHARE THIS SHARE THIS Skimm for September 7th Skimm'd at the second coming of Yeezus QUOTE OF THE DAY ";It was an amicable split"; - An unnamed source on Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's alleged breakup. RIP #Hiddleswift.It's been fun. Skimm This ALEPPO THE STORY Yesterday, Syrian residents said the government dropped chlorine bombs on the city of Aleppo. This is the second chemical weapons attack in Aleppo in less than a month. REMIND ME. Syria is a mess. The country's in the middle of a five-year civil war that's killed more than 400,000 people and causedabout11 million to leave their homes. There's team Assad, backed by, yup, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and also Russia. And there's team moderate rebels, backed by the US and friends. Oh, and ISIS is also out and about in the country. Throughout the civil war, there have been a series of chemical attacks. Yes, the use of chemical weapons is considered a war crime.In 2013, an attack launched by Assad's forceskilled more than 1,000 people and brought the US(and other allies) thiiiiss close to military intervention. The UN and Assad cut a deal, and Assad turned over all his chemical weapons to be destroyed. SO THE CHEMICAL WEAPONS ARE GONE? Not so much. Yesterday, residents and hospital staff in Aleppo said govt. forces dropped chlorine bombs on the city. So far, no one's been killed, but dozens have beensent to the hospital. WHAT'S BEING DONE ABOUT IT? Not so much. Over the weekend, President Obama said ";gaps of trust"; are keeping the US and Russia from reaching a ceasefire deal to help end the violence. Which is diplomatic speak for this is an 'f'ing mess.' And Syrian refugees are running out of places to go. Yesterday, Paris announced that it's opening its first refugee camps later this year. theSKIMM If yesterday's claims about chemical weapons are true, it means that while the international community has been trying to figure out how to broker peace in Syria, the situation on the ground is getting much worse. Skimm This REPEAT AFTER ME... WHAT TO SAY WHEN HR CALLS YOU IN FOR A MEETING ABOUT YOUR BOSS... Feel like I'm at Fox News. Yesterday, 21st Century Fox said 'sorry' to former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson. The company also reportedly wrote her a $20 million check. This has to do with the sexual harassment lawsuit that Carlson filed against former Fox News CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes earlier this year. Carlson claimed she was fired after refusing his sexual advances. After that, several other women came forward with similar claims. And that's how Ailes added ";former"; to his title. He also reportedly pocketed a $40 million severance package on his way out the door. Now, 21st Century Fox has settled the lawsuit with Carlson. Meanwhile, yesterday longtime Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren said she's leaving the network. She says that Fox hasn't ";felt like home to me for a few years,"; which is why she bye Felicia'das soon as her contract allowed it. PS: 21st Century Fox is a minority investor in theSkimm. Skimm This WHAT PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT... Jacob Wetterling . He's been the poster child for every parent's worst nightmare since he disappeared in Minnesota almost 30 years ago. Yesterday, a man named Danny Heinrich admitted to abducting, sexually abusing, and then killing the 11-year-old boy back in 1989. The case broke open last year, when the feds found Heinrich's DNA on the clothing of another boy who went missing right around the same time. Officials looked into Heinrich, and found he was in possession of a lot of child porn. When authorities charged him for that last year, they also named him as a person of interest in Wetterling's abduction. In exchange for less prison time, Heinrich confessed to murdering Wetterling. Last week, he led officials to the boy's body. He'll be sentenced later this year, and will spend at least the next 20 years in an orange jumpsuit. Wetterling issurvived by his parents and three siblings. Skimm This WHAT TO SAY TO YOUR YOUNGER COUSIN WHO'SCOMPLAINING ABOUT HIS COLLEGE CLASSES… At least you have a school to go to. ITT Tech students , not so much. Yesterday, ITT Technical Institute shut down all of its more than 130 schools after receiving a fatal finger wag from the Department of Education. Last month, the feds said that ITT Tech could no longer accept students who get federal financial aid because they didn't think the school was acting in students' interests. Aka making shady financial decisions.Problem, since financial aid is one of the main ways ITT Tech makes money. Now, it's shutting its doors. This comes as the feds have been giving a lot of for-profit colleges the side-eye lately, thanks to suspicious recruiting practices and financial mismanagement. Now, about 40,000 ITT students are spending their new school year filling out transfer forms...and 8,000 employees are filling out job applications. Skimm This WHAT PEOPLE ARE SADDENED BY... Isabelle Dinoire . 11 years ago, she became the first person ever to get a partial face transplant. Yesterday, a French hospital announced that she died back in April after a long illness. She was 49. It took a while for everyone to find out because her family asked that the news be kept private. After being seriously disfigured by her pet dog in 2005, Dinoire underwent a 15-hour operation. Doctors gave her a new nose, chin, and mouth. The fact that she could even speak months after the surgery was seen as a medical breakthrough. But Dinoire had to take a lot of medication to keep her body from rejecting the transplant. And those medications can have negative side effects. Some have said thatDinoire might have died from a cancer she got from anti-rejection meds. Since her transplant, dozens of people have had similar surgeries. Skimm This THING TO KNOW Calcutta:Fantasy Football draft meets Sotheby's. Refers to a way of drafting your squad by bidding like you're at an auction. Apparently, expats living in the Indian city back in the 1800s coined the term as a way of betting on sports. So when your co-worker says 'Any interest in joining my calcutta pool?' he is NOT inviting you to India. Skimm This SKIMM LIFE Have a lot to tote around this fall? Rep the #SkimmLife on your shoulder. Click here to get involved. SKIMM SHARE 'Twas the day before football season and you want to know which games you should be watching. Skimm Ahead's here to help with a special NFL calendar that covers the whole season.* We're celebrating all week long by giving away football related prizing for downloading Skimm Ahead and starting a 30 day free trial. * Today's winner will get a 40″ Samsung TV to watch the games while eating buffalo wings. * All you have to do is download Skimm Ahead on your iPhone and start your free trial (Android users, bear with us please). If you already have the app, just open it up and get the NFL calendar to be entered. Touchdown. PS: If you get other people to download using your referral link you get extra entries. And your entries carry over so you have a chance to win all week. * Your referral link: And congrats to yesterday's winnerAshley Sosonko(Wyckoff, NJ),who will be tailgating with lots of beer and a George Foreman grill. Can we come? SKIMM BIRTHDAYS * indicates Skimm'bassador. Break out the bubbly. Skimm Mom Barbi Zakin (New York, NY); *Emily Evangelista (North Kingstown, RI); Yoni Peleg (New York,NY);*Amanda Diamond (San Francisco, CA); Cal Roberts (New York, NY); *Jordan Marie Ballou (Wilkesboro, NC); *Rachel Wolkoff (New York, NY); *Ashley Cao (San Jose, CA); *Gina Crosswhite (Bellingham, WA); *Blaire Burdine (Houston, TX); *Jennifer Barbarite (New York, NY); *Guila Cooper (Kernersville, NC); *Cassidy Shields (San Diego, CA); *Tori Miller (Fayetteville, AR); *Kim Lynch (New York, NY); *Lizzie Mongan (San Francisco, CA); *Beatrice Land (Poughkeepsie, NY); Genevieve Hanchick (Bethlehem, PA);Lauren Crain (Red Oak, TX); Adriana Dominguez (Boston, MA); Jessica Nemet (New York, NY); Britany Carlock (Los Angeles, CA); Kendra Hansen (Washington, DC); Ann Duffy (Milwaukee, WI); Hanna Lipman (Boca Raton, FL); Samantha Halebian (New York, NY); Claire Gilbreath (Friendswood, TX); Taylor Tarter (Alhambra, IL); Lindsay Sperling (Long Island, NY); Danielle Sheppard (Hoboken, NJ); Sabet Stroman (Richmond VA); Dianna Gurich (Greenville, SC); Kelly Denise Bensabat (Bush, LA); Sarah Cantin (New York, NY); Kristin Harney (Nashville, TN); Pam Elias (Ashburn, VA); Ruchi Bhargava (New York, NY); Cathy Melnikow (Somerville, MA); Lori Rosenau (Modesto, CA); Courtney Ridenhour (New York, NY); Paula Kenny (New Hudson, MI); Maggie Reed (Midland, TX); Randi Maves (New York, NY); Jaime Cornell (Danville, CA); Dori Browning (Lexington, KY) Skimm'd something we missed? 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