Hey again, Stephan Last week I sent you an email about a reader survey that is helping to shape the future of this email list. You're a big part of that future, and I'd really appreciate your input. The survey is closing today at 12pm Eastern. Go here to take the survey now. <> This is your last chance to help future emails from this become more relevant and valuable to you. Still on the fence about helping me out? Here are five fun survey facts that will change your mind: * It's anonymous (even though I know you clicked on the link, I don't match responses with email addresses, and I don't ask for a name or email at the end). * It only takes 2 minutes and 36 seconds to complete, on average. * It only has 11 questions, and only one is open-ended. * You can take it from your phone (although only about 25% of you have done that, most everybody uses their laptop/desktop) * I might be wrong about this fact, but your survey-taking counterparts either power through lunch, or enjoy it. So whaddya say, Stephan will you click here to take the survey? <> With gratitude, Stephan Stephan Hovnanian Shovi Websites <> 781-538-5901 *********************************************************** This message sent to by Shovi Websites, 26 Liberty Road, Bedford, MA 01730, United States. Unsubscribe from this list: Sent using eCampaigns, by Shovi Websites. Learn more at ***********************************************************

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