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View Online ( SitePoint Design Great designers never deviate from greater business goals, and sound design decisions are always made with marketing in mind. When designers are tasked with introducing products and services and fostering a first impression, pragmatism is paramount. Here are a few ways to rise to the challenge. Peter North SitePoint Design Editor Create a Sleek App Icon in Illustrator ( A stunning, eye-catching app icon is one great way to help your app stand out from the crowd; a well-designed icon will result in more downloads, more purchases, and increased credibility and trust in your brand. Read more ( Talk With The Experts HTML5 ( Talk directly with the authors of Jump Start HTML5 this Wednesday 4th September at 11:00AM PDT, at the next Talk with the Experts session. Read more ( Sponsored Try New Relic Now & We'll Send You this Cool Shirt ( New Relic is the only SaaS-based application performance monitoring service that delivers powerful full stack analytics. Try it and we'll send you this awesome Nerd Life t-shirt. Read more ( Create a Shaded, Stylized Text Effect in Photoshop ( In the information overload era, ordinary messaging is often "filtered out" of the ever-shortening customer attention span. Make sure that your design doesn't get neglected with captivating typography that offers unique appeal. Read more ( Advanced CSS3 Animation Effects ( CSS3 has incredible unharnessed depth and potential. If you haven't delved into pausing and restarting animations, running several at once, or liberating yourself from cumbersome plugins, take a look at CSS3's upper limits. Read more ( Responsive Web Design in Action ( Learn the building blocks of Responsive Web Design so that you can create beautiful websites that look fantastic on any device. We'll look at the in's and out's of producing each component of a responsive web page and testing them across devices. Normally $79, now $29! Start today ( Talk with the Experts: SitePoint Redesign – The Transcript ( If you missed the opportunity to learn about the SitePoint redesign process, read the transcript featuring lead designer Peter Bakacs and lots of stellar questions from SitePoint readers. Read more ( Learn Web Design from the experts Join Learnable ( Head to manage your subscriptions ( to unsubscribe yourself from this newsletter. You can also unsubscribe ( from all SitePoint newsletters - no hard feelings! We send out our newsletters with Campaign Monitor (

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