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iphone ** MonkeyWrench: March 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------ MonkeyWrench is back with a new design. It's been a minute since we last wrote, but we plan to be in touch every few months with some new content from our blog ( , Knowledge Base ( , and social media (#social) . In this issue, we'll introduce you to some folks who use MailChimp's e-commerce features ( , and provide tips for how to boost your sales. Plus, we'll show you how to grow your list with Facebook, explain the value of inactive subscribers, and show you why we love our content calendar. Oh, and we brought Pegacorn along for the ride (#pegacorn) . ============================================================ How Sticker Mule combines e-commerce and email Sticker Mule makes stuff to stick onto other stuff. Designers upload their creations and place orders through the Sticker Mule website, and sticker fiends peruse their marketplace for new creations to slap all over everything in their lives. But ** when it comes to the company’s email marketing ( , blank space rules the day. ** Read More ( ** Connect Your Store ( ** Connect your store ( with one of MailChimp’s e-commerce integrations to learn more about your customers, just like Sticker Mule. Why we love having a content calendar Our social media strategy used to consist of ** a guy named Austin ( and his sticky notes. Whenever we needed to tweet about something, Austin wrote it down on a sticky note and, when the time came, drummed up a tweet. But as we’ve ** gotten bigger ( , we realized we needed a better way of doing things. Enter the calendar. ** Read More ( Highbrow’s quick, educational automation Highbrow uses ** segmentation ( and a series of ** automation workflows ( to deliver 10-day email courses about dozens of eclectic topics. So far, they’ve made 65 courses, sent more than 5 million emails, and plan to monetize the business with premium courses in the future. ** Read More ( ** Freddie and Cart ( Our two-part series on increasing revenue: ** Abandoned Cart Messaging and Incentives ( ** Personalization and Social Media ( Grow your list with Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier Whether your goal is to encourage more folks to sign up, to drive traffic to your website, or even to boost sales and increase your revenue, Facebook ads can help you get the job done. And now, ** they’ve made them even easier ( . ** Read More ( ** Snap ( ** MailChimp Snap 1.3 ( adds new template designs, the ability to brand a campaign with your company logo, and a faster way to swap images. Inactive subscribers are still valuable customers Your inactive subscribers might not be actively engaging with your email, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they haven’t noticed your message or skimmed through your subject lines. Even without a single email being opened, ** your brand can still make billboard-like impressions ( on subscribers from the inbox. ** Read More ( New in the Knowledge Base Check out the MailChimp ** Knowledge Base ( for tutorials, articles, videos, and more. Here's what's new: * ** Test with Inbox Preview ( * ** Best Practices for E-Commerce Subscribers ( * ** Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers ( * ** How to View Subscriber Purchase Data ( * ** Add a Shopify Buy Now Button in a Campaign ( We're on social media! ** ( Find us on ** Facebook ( , ** Twitter ( , ** LinkedIn ( , ** Pinterest ( , and ** Snapchat ( . Oh, and ** Instagram ( , where our ** #MeetMailChimp ( series highlights our wonderful weirdos. ©2016 MailChimp. ** Unsubscribe ( or ** view in browser ( . ** 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Suite 5000, Atlanta, GA 30308. (#) You signed up at ** ( . ** () ** ( ** Freddie's Jokes (

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