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Content is king, and we've got the goods on giving your RWDs the royal treatment. View this in the browser Designing for Moments With Media Queries On a multi-device web, we need to work harder to safeguard content. So, here are some media queries to help you replace tired patterns, improve key content moments on small screens, and keep contexts clear for users. Read more [] RWD Webinar Video Now Online [] Watch as Jason helps us refocus on the simple but important things we can do to make our type look great everywhere, and Jamie builds a responsive prototype without writing a single line of code. Magic! Watch the video [] MORE SMART STUFF ON THE WEB Content-Out Layout [] Our teammate Nathan Ford explains how to design grid systems that harmonize content, layout, and screens. Read More [] Ditching the Select Element [] A really interesting case study of how rethinking the way users make complex selections across devices completely changed Tradeshift's design. Read More [] Device Agnostic [] Trent Walton explains how device-agnostic responsive design doesn't just make it easier to build sites. It makes the user's life easier too. Read More [] Interacting Responsibly (and Responsively) [http://xxxxxx.xx/xxxxx/xxxxx/00000000/xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx-xx-xxxxx-xxxxx] Great content gets let down by poor performance. This talk by Scott Jehl nicely outlines things we can do to build responsive sites with better accessibility. Also check out notes on the talk [] by Luke Wroblewski. Read More [http://xxxxxx.xx/xxxxx/xxxxx/00000000/xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx-xx-xxxxx-xxxxx] Responsive Design Won't Fix Your Content Problems [] Smart organizations use responsive redesigns as a chance to fix and edit content, review strategy, update processes and systems, and make better (not just squishy) websites. Karen McGrane breaks it down. Read More [] Unsubscribe The Typecast design application is a handy service from Monotype Ltd, a company registered at Unit 2, Perrywood Business Park, Salfords, Surrey RH1 5DZ, England.

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