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Feel the pulse of email marketing - monthly email news, stats & tips. Monthly Newsletter September, 2016 No images? Click here ( Hello, For the past 6 years we’ve been helping clients like you get their email marketing campaigns up and running. We’ve been so focussed on our clients’ design and coding projects that we never found the time to build our own newsletter. Well, things are changing now. We are very proud to present you with the first issue of the MailBakery Newsletter. It will keep you up to date with the world of email, what has happened lately and what’s to come in near future. Following this newsletter will put your finger on the pulse of email marketing. Each issue will feature few short news on the hottest topics in email, some practical advice, how-to guides and review of our latest blog posts. HELP US GET BETTER We know that to have a successful newsletter it has to report on topics that are interesting and relevant to you, so please, email us with your feedback and suggestions at We are looking forward to your emails. Enjoy your time with the MailBakery Newsletter September Issue! Litmus, the Voice of the Email Community Litmus is not only an email testing platform of choice for many email designers and developers, but also a great ambassador for Email and a voice for the email community. The annual Email Design Conferences they organize in US and UK are the go-to events for every email geek. TEDC is where you meet other people from the industry that bring the same passion for email as you do. Designers, developers and marketers all sit together and bounce off ideas of each other on how to improve their email designs and campaigns. There is a lot to be learned from the speakers’ presentations, but also from the casual chats during the session breaks. This is when you have the opportunity to talk directly with real email specialists, share your problems and ask all your questions. To find out more about the Litmus conferences, their goals, speakers and venues checkout the Litmus conference page ( . We have been very fortunate to be able to attend TEDC in London for a second time. Here is our take on it: MailBakery at Litmus TEDC 2016 in London ( . MailBakery’s Platform Integration Options Expand Recently we started receiving an increased number of platform integration requests with platforms we have not worked with that often before. This lead to updating the platform integration list on our order page ( with 7 new additions - Marketo, Pardot, Sign Up To, Hubspot, Klaviyo, Bronto and Shopify. There are plenty of email platforms you can choose from, but only few of them offer graphic editors for custom coded email templates, a feature every email marketer truly appreciates. Integrating your email template with such platform allows you to remove and rearrange sections, edit text paragraphs, update images and generally re-use the email for different campaigns without touching the HTML code. It is great to see that the competition is pushing email platforms to innovate and introduce features that improve their users experience. We believe that every email platform should offer graphic editor integration and save their clients recurring costs for custom email coding. Litmus and Microsoft Partner to Make Email Better The latest Litmus Email Design Conference in Boston was marked by a very important announcement. One that shows the commitment to email excellence by one of the greatest technology companies in the world Microsoft. Litmus announced that they are going to work hand in hand with Outlook to fix rendering issues on their email clients. Outlook’s quest for improving the email experience for their users led them to the Litmus partnership. The first thing that Litmus is going to do is to introduce new Outlook email clients in their system: Outlook for Android Outlook on Windows Phone Outlook on iOS Windows 10 Mail Testing on these clients will be free of charge, as soon as you set up an account with Litmus they will be available for testing for you. The second thing Litmus is going to do is the launch of the Rendering Bugs Feedback Loop. When you see a rendering bug on an Outlook client, you will be able to fire a ticket that will be directly send to Microsoft. Essentially, Litmus is going to act as a feedback channel for Microsoft. This is the first time when Litmus will be in contact with an ESP’s engineering team and whenever any fixes and updates are made Litmus will be the first to communicate these to the email community. Full details of the partnership, as well as a video of the partnership announcement are available at Litmus + Microsoft Historic Partnership ( MailChimp Set Up an Online Store on Shopify MailChimp have always been about helping people send better emails, sell more and improve clients’ business. However, they have never ran an online store themselves and they did not really understand the everyday problems their users have to deal with. Acknowledging their lack of experience in the field MailChimp assigned the following task to one of their marketers - set up an online store from scratch with Shopify. The task was assigned by Tom (VP of Marketing) to Meg, a marketer with three years of experience in MailChimp. Meg had no previous experience with setting up online stores, she had a thousand questions and did not really know where to start from. She however, decided to record her experience in a series of funny and insightful emails titled What’s in store?. Reading her story you will find how Meg decided what products they are going to sell, where the proceeds will go to, what the name of the store will be, how “easy” it is to set up an email campaign with MailChimp for first time :) and much more. So, if you are running an online store or if you have some spare time to read an entertaining story on how to set up one, you may access all the emails sent so far from the Email Campaign Archive ( . 10 Quick Email Marketing Stats We have put together a list with 10 interesting email stats. Some of them are simply informative, while others may actually help you improve your email marketing campaigns. 1. While 75% of global marketers consider using video an effective email strategy, only 40% are actually doing it (Salesforce). 2. Email marketers ranked increasing subscriber engagement their number one priority in 2016 – three spots above growing their list (StrongView). 3. According to a survey from Fluent, 35% of respondents said that receiving emails too often was their main reason for unsubscribing. 4. Today’s consumers are more actively working to protect their privacy – most commonly by avoiding opening emails from unknown email addresses (55%) (Ipsos). 5. According to an Ascend2 survey, increasing email list quality ranks as a more important goal than increasing list size. 6. Transactional emails attract 3 times more clicks than their non-transactional counterparts. Obviously messages based on data or activity drive stronger engagement. 7. In 2015 Lodging, Travel Agencies & Services were the industries to score the highest Average Open Rates (29.6%), followed by Nonprofits, Associations & Government (27.5%) and Consumer Products (27.3%). 8. Clear subject lines receive 5 times more clicks than clever ones. 9. 70 percent of smartphone users say that they will delete emails immediately if they do not render properly on their device. 10. About 80% of your audience is scanning your email first, so a relevant image is critical to communicate your message. MOST READ BLOG ARTICLES 25 Wonderful Examples of Animated GIFs in Email Marketing Templates They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so an animated one must be worth even more. Nowadays, email marketers are pushing the boundaries of email design... CONTINUE READING ( Fonts in HTML Emails – Limitations, Solutions and Industry Standards Fonts in HTML emails are known for causing troubles. You may use whatever fonts you like on your website, but the rules for using fonts in html emails are a little different. CONTINUE READING ( Thank you! We hope you enjoyed our first newsletter and we will be happy to see you again in the next issue. We don't shy away from attention, feel free to spread the word about the newsletter on Facebook or Twitter. © Copyright 2016 MailBakery. All Rights Reserved. You are receiving this email because you subcribed for it on ( . 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