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------------------------------------------------------------ Dress up your DSLR for the Red Carpet ------------------------------------------------------------ Whether the Oscars inspired you to shoot like the greats or displeased you to the point of "I could do better," NOW is the time to step up your video shootin' game! Take up your trusty DSLR, a Focus Shifter, the Oh! Wow. Ring Light and start writing that acceptance speech. The Oh! Wow. Ring Light ( rings your lens in LEDs that provide even light at three brightness settings. It has a constant mode (perfect for videos) and also strobes for stills. The Focus Shifter ( fits snug on any lens, gives you a handle for max control of your focus ring and a marker board to set your focus points before you shoot. Just don't forget to thank the Academy, your mom and Photojojo. :) **See more example pix from our Ring Light**( **Learn More about the Focus Shifter**( ------------------------------------------------------------ Published March 10, 2014 ~ Short link: We send you Photojojo because we love you. 766 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California, EARTH | Unsubscribe ( | © Photojojo

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