Hi Jaina Mistry! There's just one more feature we'd like to introduce you to in our last email in this series: the Rich Pin. Meet Rich Pins Rich Pins give people useful information about the Pin they're looking at—such as price, ingredients and headlines. The extra details can help a Pinner decide if she wants to buy the shoes, make the smoothie or read the article she sees in the Pin. Get Rich Pins If you have articles, films, products or recipes on your site, you can mark them up on your page so we know exactly what information to show Pinners. See how others do it Here are some ways businesses use Rich Pins on Pinterest. Get Rich Pins:'s all from us! Thanks again for joining Pinterest—we can't wait to see your Pins! Interested in learning more about Pinterest for Business? Check out our blog and follow us on Facebook. Happy Pinning! — The Pinterest Partner Team Pinterest: Facebook: Twitter: Google: Blog: Don't want to receive this type of email? Change your email preferences: Didn't sign up for Pinterest? Please let us know! Have a question? Visit our Help Center: Copyright Pinterest, Inc. * All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions:

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