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Retention Bite #10: DTC must go—DTP is here “Not just another COVID-19 email” “At-Home COVID-19 resources” “To our [insert brand name] community” How long have you been staring at a blank Google Doc this week? How many times have you written and rewritten emails, social posts, and blogs about the current state of our world? Tricky is an understatement. It took me over 72 hours to write this email. And a lot of help from my people (thanks, Lianne, Adrianne, Matt, and more): Image Right now, simply being a human being is difficult. Trying to figure out what this all means for your business? Nearly impossible. I feel you. Something I keep coming back to: Direct to Consumer is a philosophy that just got tossed out of the window. We don’t know for sure what consumer behavior will look like in the next few weeks or months. Instead, focus on being Direct to People. Right now, it’s more important than ever to think of the customers on the other side of your sales report as human beings. Your products probably aren't high on people's priority lists right now. But your community does matter. Your people too. Instead of creating a heavily branded page, Unbound Babes put together an active, lively Google Sheet to connect their community ( ) (and it's brilliant). Helena and Woody from Haus hosted a Zoom happy hour last week ( ) (over 60 people attended). Tracksmith already launched a Slack group and more. ( ) Authenticity requires imperfection. And right now, there’s no such thing as the perfect move, so don’t try to make it. Aim yourself towards the things that make you proud of yourself, your brand, and your people. Be Direct to People. Anything less won’t cut it right now. ⭐️ One last note: While you’re focused on your people, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Find your support, too. If you need an extra eye on that email, social post, or blog, you have my direct line (just reply to this email and I will help). If you need puppy pics to keep you going, follow me on Twitter ( ), it’s pretty much all I’m posting. If you need some other DTC folks to lean on right now, reply and let me know. I have a cozy place just for you. I see you trying to do the best by your people. I see you trying to stay calm and healthy. I’m with you. Even if we’ve never had a 1-1 conversation, you opened this email and read my words. We are connected. You matter to me. And you matter to Finn: Image With love, -Kristen P.S. Glossier is on the podcast this week- sit down and have a chat with us. ( ) P.P.S. If you’re a ReCharge merchant- don’t miss this webinar today at 10 am PST ( ) --- Kristen LaFrance Head of Growth and Community @ Churn Buster ( ) Host of Playing for Keeps Podcast ( ) Sent to: Change to monthly emails ( ) | --------------------- To make sure you keep getting these emails, please add to your address book or whitelist us. Want out of the loop? <a href="">Unsubscribe</a>. Our postal address: 237 A St #74803, San Diego, CA 92101

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