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Lost & Found There wasn't a kid in the 90's that didn't want to be left behind after Home Alone came out. Watching whatever you wanted. Eating whatever you wanted. Tricking all the bad guys. Putting the ultimate guilt trip on your family. So jealous. But shopping carts don't have those kinds of jealous feelings. Maybe it is because 69% of them don't have a family that will come back for them. Or maybe because they are inanimate. In our latest Email Explorations article, we dive into some popular strategies and companies who are trying to save the carts from a scary life of abandonment. I'M NOT AFRAID ANYMORE! [] OUR LATEST REALLY GOOD EMAILS Every week we publish really good emails that we find. If you haven't been to our site in a while, come back for a visit and check out our latest additions, including emails from these fine people! LOAD MORE EMAILS [] STUFF WE THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE SPONSORED POST Looking for a Partner Here’s the deal: High Lantern Group is looking for an Email Design & Development Partner to build beautiful emails for their select list of awesome clients. The partner of their dreams would be deeply committed to design and development, a "problem solver", and an expert in email production. If you also dabble in UI or Visual Design, it's a big plus but certainly not necessary. GET MORE DETAILS & APPLY [] The Art of the Click ['s/302698_CCM_art_of_the_click_EOA_cobrand.pdf] via Email On Acid + Adobe Planning for Black Friday []via Smart Insights Adapting to Consumer's New Definition of Spam [] via Litmus The Latest List of Email Marketing Statistics []via Delivra The Do's and Don'ts of Creating Amazing Emails [] []via Brafton Changing Email Habits and What You Need to Know []via Clickz Holiday Emails Wanted! You know when you only have a couple days left to find that perfect costume and are all stressed out but then super excited when you find something? We're looking for emails that give that same feeling. CAPTURE THOSE EMAILS [] Follow Us Off the CliffWe know what your mother said. If Really Good Emails jumped off a cliff would you go with them? Yes, of course you would. Don’t be silly. TWITTER [] PINTEREST [] CODEPEN [] Design Better. Spam Never. Update Subscription - Articles & Interviews [] - Free Resources [] - Home Alone Quotes [] We sent this email to you because of your insatiable thirst for email inspiration that does not make your eyes burn like you were thrown into a lake of sliced raw onions—ugh, the worst. All this shit is © Really Good Emails 2016. All these images belong to us and our moms all said this is one instance where we don't have to share if we don't want to. All the emails apparently still belong to the individual companies, we just sort of "web photographed" them when they put them in our email inbox. If you want to send us gifts, fan mail, or anything that does not include stalking or us waking up with you in our living room—you can find us at 1040 W Washington St, Greenville, SC, USA 29601 Or, if you're just tired of hearing from us, you can unsubscribe too. Unsubscribe

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