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------------ Hi everyone! Our new Authentic Weekly Digest combines our subscriptions into a single helpful newsletter whether hiring, actively looking for work, or just looking to improve your craft. Unsubscribe at any time at the bottom of this email. –Cameron ------------ Authentic Weekly #01 ============= 8 tips for Unified Design ============= Cameron Moll, CEO of Authentic Jobs, shares 8 tips for unifying products across endless screens and countless platforms—regardless of where the experience starts, continues, and ends. Recorded live at Generate New York 2016. Watch:] ============= Staff Picks ============= Handpicked jobs by our team. Notable work, perks, or other interestingness. UI/UX & Visual Designer @ Doist Remote (Anywhere) Magento Developer @ Electric Pulp Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA Product Designer @ Society of Grownups Boston, USA Sr. Ruby Developer @ Dave Ramsey Solutions Brentwood, Tennessee USA ============= Hired Podcast ============= "Cap Watkins: Audacity to change company process" Cap Watkins is no stranger to change. He's led changes at Amazon and Etsy, and he's now an agent of change as the VP of Design at BuzzFeed. We discuss his audacity to incite changes to company process, beginning with teaching BuzzFeed designers to code and ending with hiring for curiosity and adaptation. Listen: ============= Authentic Pros ============= Geri Coady Illustrator and Designer at Geri's illustration skills are matched only by her Instagram prowess. And if you're in the Newfoundland area, she's got a gorgeous red Vespa for sale. Create Your Profile: ============= Resource Partner ============= Top web professionals use InVision for prototyping and design collaboration. We use it frequently at Authentic Jobs HQ to design new features and improve existing ones. ============= Interestingness ============= Hopefully you've not encountered our 404 page. But if you do, tap the button while you're there and we'll donate $1 to charity: water. Tap for water: -- You've received this email because you subscribed to our newsletter, job alerts, created an account, or posted a job with us. Highest of fives! 🙌 Authentic Jobs, Inc. • 242 S Washington Blvd #249 • Sarasota, FL 34236 USA Unsubscribe: ​

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