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Learn how to enhance your character’s skills, level up in the game, and join a guild to connect with other players. <> Unlock Specializations & Traits You’ve made it to level 20! Reach level 21 and you will unlock Core Specializations and Traits.Specializations are unique to each profession and allow you to customize your profession by focusing on specific combat strengths. Traits are passive abilities within each specialization that can enhance your skills, provide bonuses to damage and abilities, and modify their actions. Spend hero points to unlock and improve new skills and traits. Read the tooltips for each specialization’s traits to determine which ones you’d like to unlock and focus on first. Your hero points are precious, so make the most of them and start by fully unlocking one specialization. BEGIN TRAINING <> <> Level Up Most activities you do in Tyria will grant experience points, including completingevents and maps, crafting gear for your character, gathering materials ,reviving dead players or NPCs, and more. If you’re ever stuck on how to level up, look on your map for renown hearts—chat with the NPC and help them complete their request. If you’re in a renown heart area, you’ll also see the completion criteria underneath your compass. Completing achievements in the Character Adventure Guide <> (located in the Achievements category) will also help you stay on track and continue progressing to level 80. While you can earn experience points for completing a map (getting all the hearts, vistas, points of interest, waypoints, and hero challenges), don’t be afraid to explore—you can always check out other maps before completing one. CHOOSE YOUR PATH <> <> Join a Guild No need to be shy—join a guild and connect with other players and make friends. Work together to obtain a guild hall, share items in the guild vault, and complete missions together with your guildmates. Guild recruiters often advertise in map chat in major cities like Divinity's Reach. You can also check out theofficial forums <> if you’re feeling lost or have any questions. PARTY UP <> <> Try New Elite Specializations Catch up on the Story Thus Far <>, and purchaseGuild Wars 2™: End of Dragons, the third expansion. Travel to the beautiful continent of Cantha where you’ll be able to playnine new elite specializations, explore four new maps, bring an ally to ride on the new two-player Siege Turtle combat mount, zipline through the skies with the help of a friendlyjade bot assistant, take your personal skiff out for fishing, and more! Purchase Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Ultimate Edition <> and start your adventures with a ShingJea Dragon Boat Skiff Skin, Canthan Raptor Skin, 4,000 gems, and other goodies. Or, get all three expansions with theGuild Wars 2 Collection <> . BUY NOW <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> Note: To ensure delivery to your inbox, add <> to your address book. This message was sent to You are receiving this message because you signed up to receive emails about Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet, and the NCSOFT family of products.Unsubscribe Here <> . For more information about our practices, please see ourPrivacy Policy <> . ©2022 ArenaNet, LLC. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. NC Interactive, LLC | 3180 139 th Avenue SE, #500 | Bellevue, WA 98005 <> Blood and Gore Language Use of Alcohol Violence In-Game Purchases Users Interact Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB View in Browser <>

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