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View this in the browser Narrowing the Field: Bringing Great Type Into Focus Find yourself clinging to old favorites or latching on to the latest typeface trends? Fear not. Robbie Manson's here with great advice on how to make confident type choices in the face of overwhelming selection. Read the article [] Great New Typefaces for Tiny Type [] Another big win for a more readable web! Monotype has released nine new typeface families specially designed for use at small sizes. Read more [] On the Web ≠ Made for the Web [] Monotype's UK Type Director Steve Matteson explains what to look for when picking body fonts, the difference between legibility and readability, and why web font quality varies so much. Read more [] MORE SMART STUFF Fallback Fonts for Mobile Devices [] Excellent article on loading different fonts for different contexts by the very clever Jordan Moore. Read more [] A Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces [] Learn how to select typefaces based on real design goals, build your expertise, and understand why a combination works – courtesy of Five Simple Steps. Get one now [] Setting Type for User Interfaces [] Hints to help you choose type for task-driven web applications, from software designer Billy Whited. Read more [] On Web Typography [] A real gem from Build 2011. Jason Santa Maria chats about how to look at type plus the aesthic and techincal considerations of choosing typefaces. [42 mins] Watch the video [] Upcoming Events Pencil to Pixel NYC – Ends Today May 3–9 Revel in 125 years of type history in this exciting typography exhibit. See original drawings, tools and specimens. Plus tickets are FREE. Get tickets [] Typo Berlin May 16–18 Explore the role of touch in design at this esteemed international design conference, and also catch our own Jamie Neely [] as guest speaker on Day 1. Get tickets [] Beyond Tellerand May 27–29 Join us in Dusseldof for this 3-day web design conference with some cracker-jack speakers. Get tickets [] Unsubscribe The Typecast design application is a handy service from Monotype Ltd, a company registered at Unit 2, Perrywood Business Park, Salfords, Surrey RH1 5DZ, England.

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