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The release of Ulysses 2.5 brought us thousands of new Ulysses users. Welcome aboard, we're very happy to have you here! But even if you're a Ulysses veteran you may find some inspiration in our compiled tips for Ulysses for iPhone. Enjoy! -- Tip #1: Tweak Your Editor Text Size Do you think Ulysses' font size Ulysses is too small for writing? Then change it! With Ulysses 2.5 it is simpler to do than ever before. -- Tip #2: Customize Text Statistics At the bottom left of the editor there is a number. This is the character counter of your current sheet; it also lets you access customizable statistics. -- Tip #3: Switch to Dark Mode With Ulysses, the darkness is a friend of writers! The app offers a dedicated dark mode displaying your text in bright letters on a dark background. -- Tip #4: Import a Word Document Are there any unfinished Microsoft Word writing projects in your drawer? This should not prevent you from using Ulysses in the future. You can import DOCX files quite easily into Ulysses' text library. -- Tip #5: Attach Notes Note attachments are suited for keeping anything that belongs to but not in a text. From sudden inspirations to web links to character descriptions – it's up to you. -- Tip #6: Favor Your Most-Used Sheets Productive writers often maintain quite a few groups and subgroups in their library. To keep track of your work in progress across all groups, you can make use of Favorites. -- Tip #7: Share via Email With its flexible export function, Ulysses has your back even after writing is finished. As an example, you can export a text as formatted PDF and send it directly via email. -- Tip #8: Export Multiple Sheets at Once Preparing a large manuscript or ebook from smaller components with Ulysses is dead easy. During export, you can chose ad hoc which sheets shall belong to your output. -- View Web Version Preferences Unsubscribe Forward © 2016 The Soulmen GbR Max Seelemann & Marcus Fehn Brockhausstraße 88, D‑04229 Leipzig VAT-ID: DE277303784

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