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iphone Take your web apps to the next level with the Google Drive API, and brush up on Rails with your favorite zombies. Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser ( . Discover Drive animation ** Launched - Discover Drive ------------------------------------------------------------ Learn to build applications with the Google Drive API in order to organize, backup, and share photos, videos, and other documents in the cloud. In this free course, you’ll be using the Google Drive API to build your own photo-sharing site where users can upload and share photos. Give it a try and up your app game. Play Now ( Rails for Zombies bar Rails for Zombies Brand ** Rails for Zombies - Updated to Rails 4 and Ruby 2 ------------------------------------------------------------ If you haven't started learning Ruby on Rails, now is a great time. We just made some big improvements to our Rails for Zombies course, now using the Ruby 2 recommended hash syntax throughout, as well as a few small syntax updates for Rails 4. Oh, and Gregg also learned how to pronounce the word "attribute," go Gregg! Play Now ( Fluent Conf Logo ** Join us at Fluent ------------------------------------------------------------ We will be at O'Reilly's Fluent Conference ( March 11-13 in San Francisco and would love for you to stop by our booth and say hi! If you are interested in going, use code CODESCHOOL25 to save 25% on your registration fee. If you aren't familiar with Fluent, it is one the best conferences for staying up-to-date on current tools and technologies through the great speaker lineup that O'Reilly brings together. Join us at Fluent ( ** New Code TV Screencasts ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Soup to Bits: Rails for Zombies ------------------------------------------------------------ After you take the updated Rails for Zombies course, come watch this screencast where Olivier and Gregg use the skills they taught in Rails for Zombies to build a Rails app from scratch. Soup to Bits is a new video series we're trying out where we take you through the practical steps of building the applications and projects that you've seen in Code School courses. Let us know if you dig it. Watch Now ( ** Vim and tmux ------------------------------------------------------------ We take a look at how to use Vim and tmux to supercharge your productivity. Separately, Vim and tmux are great tools; and together they make for a winning combination. Watch Now ( Have questions or need assistance? ( Edit your email settings ( Unsubscribe from this list ( Our mailing address is: 618 E South Street • Suite 620 Orlando, FL 32801 Copyright © Code School LLC, All rights reserved.

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