Hey there, Stephan I'm trying to get a better understanding of what makes every one of my subscribers tick, because I really want the content you receive from me to be valuable and relevant to your business. Isn't that why you subscribe to email lists? For the value? To be honest, I think I've fallen short of those expectations, especially if you haven't heard from me in more than a couple months (or longer). So, let me make it up to you. Here is a link to a short Reader Survey <> that will take about 3 minutes to complete. It's anonymous, works on most smartphones, and over 100 of your fellow subscribers have already helped me out. By filling out my reader survey, you'll help me share the type of content with you that will make a difference in your business. Since I focus a lot on email marketing these days, there are also 2 questions inside that will teach me how important it is to you (so I don't overwhelm you with email marketing stuff, cool?). Click here to take the survey now ► <> Oh, one more thing...I'm excited to crunch the numbers, so you should know I'm shutting this survey down tonight at 12pm Eastern. On average this survey takes 2 minutes 36 seconds to complete. You can do this right now, I'll even time you. Ready? On your mark.....get set.... GO! <> Thanks so much for doing this, it means a lot. Truly. I'm a pretty open book about my process with this type of stuff, so if you want to learn more about why I created this survey, or have other questions, just hit Reply and ask away. With gratitude, Stephan Stephan Hovnanian Shovi Websites <> 781-538-5901 *********************************************************** This message sent to by Shovi Websites, 26 Liberty Road, Bedford, MA 01730, United States. Unsubscribe from this list: Sent using eCampaigns, by Shovi Websites. Learn more at ***********************************************************

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