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Uber Future you will thank you We get it. Sometimes you just want reassurance that a car will be there waiting for you, especially for a 4am ride to the airport. With Scheduled Rides, available starting September 26th, you can request your Uber ahead of time and have the comfort of knowing it will be ready when it’s time to head out. SCHEDULE A RIDE Get extra peace of mind for... Airport trips Crosstown meetings Important events How it works -Choose uberX & tap 'Schedule a Ride' -Set your pickup information up to 30 days ahead -Your ride will automatically arrive when it's time to leave -Edit or cancel at any time before your ride is ready Scheduled Rides are available in select neighborhoods. When you're in an area where the feature is available, you will see the "Schedule a Ride" button in your Uber app. LEARN MORE ❯ Get Help View Online Unsubscribe Uber B.V. Vijzelstraat 68 1017 HL Amsterdam Privacy Terms This email was sent by: Uber B.V. Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam North Holland 1017 HL Netherlands

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