How Professionals Use Emojis In The Inbox View online version [] [] [] []How To Get The Most Out of Gmail's Postmaster Tools It’s been a few months since the launch of Google’s new Postmaster Tools for Gmail and by now, many large senders have either heard of or started using the platform. In working with large senders, it seems that many are still getting to know the tool at a surface level and are learning to troubleshoot more in-depth data pulls. Study these four dashboards to take your deliverability to the next level. Read More [] [] []7 Ways To Grow More Email Subscribers Through On-site Retargeting On-site retargeting works by monitoring the behavior of your visitors in real-time on your site. When a visitor’s behavior indicates they might be looking towards the exit, an additional message can be displayed to them – usually in a pop-up overlay. In this post, we'll discuss a few methods and tools to organically grow and build a healthy, permission based email list through on-site retargeting. Read More [] [] []Leveling Up Our Segmentation Here at Mailjet, we strongly believe that good email marketing comes from knowing and listening to your customers. We work tirelessly on building new ways for you to stay ahead of the curve and deliver top notch content. That's why we're really excited to announce that we've rolled out new Segmentation tools that will allow you to slice and dice customer groups with deeper insights. These new tools allow you to segment contact lists based on historical activity such as opens and clicks. Give it a test run today! Learn More [] Share [] [] Share [] Share [] [] Tweet [] Share [] [] +1 [] Share [] [] Share []This e-mail has been sent to, click here to unsubscribe . 222 Broadway 10038 New York US

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