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FEATURING — ISSUE 8 # in this issue Interview with Soma co-founder Mike Del Ponte, quotes from Bia & Seth Godin, and mark your calendar for a Q&A with Craig Shapiro on Product Hunt. Hydrating the World Hydrating the World Interview with Mike Del Ponte ( , Co-Founder of Soma ( . Read More ( pattern “I found my purpose through following my heart and passion. The feeling I get from writing a song and hearing the finished product come to fruition shows me that being a creator is my calling.” Bia ( Rapper, i am OTHER ( artist. Alt “Transferring your passion to your job is far easier than finding a job that happens to match your passion.” Seth Godin ( Author, entrepreneur, marketer, and speaker, from his book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? ( # pattern Craig Shapiro Craig Shapiro Questions about startups and venture capital? Mark your calendar! Craig Shapiro, founder and managing partner of Collaborative Fund ( , will be answering questions live on Product Hunt, April 6th at 10:00 AM PDT. Find out more ( . pattern Forward toa friend ( TweetThis ( View in aBrowser ( Facebook ( Twitter ( Instagram ( Copyright © 2015 Collaborative Fund. All rights reserved. Unsubscribe? ( Design and build by XXIX ( .

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